Two songs that keep me sane :)

For all the irreligious-ness of mine, one song, that kept me away from an angry outburst, from time to time in the past few months, is a devotional song! 🙂

Since it is Sanskrit, irrespective of the fact that its from a Tamil movie, everyone (read, every Indian) can try to understand. For all the haphazardness of my vocabulary in any language, I am still in the process of understanding it fully.

Its “Om Sivoham” from “Naan Kadavul”.
Music: Ilayaraja
Listen here
There is also this song “Ekla Chalo” from “Bose:The Forgotten Hero”. I keep getting hypnotized every time I listen!

I never understood what those Bengali words in the beginning of the song meant. But, since it comes so many times in the movie, I thought they must be from some famous poem. On googling I found out that they were from a Tagore poem “Ekla Chalo Re“.

Listen to the song here.
Music: A.R.Rahman

I do remember writing about “Herr Bosey”‘s songs (That’s how the Germans call him in the movie!) in this blog a while ago. But, this one remains my all-time favorite!

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  1. మీకు బెంగాలీ అర్ధమవుతుందా? నవతరంగంలో మీరు రాసిన రివ్యూ చదివాను. ప్రస్తుతానికి ఈ సినిమా చూస్తున్నాను. Thank you.

  2. ఇంకొక ప్రశ్న ఇందులో కనిపించే “లక్ష్మి”, కలాంగారితో రాష్ట్రపతి రేసులో నిలిచిన కెప్టెన్ లక్ష్మీ సెహగల్ ఒకరేనా?

    • నాకే బెంగాలీ రాదండీ! ఏదో, ఆసక్తి కొద్దీ చూస్తూ, సబ్టైటిల్స్ తో, అనువాదాలతో కుస్తీ పడుతూ ఉంటా అంతే. 🙂
      అవును, బోస్ లో కనబడే లక్ష్మి లక్ష్మి సెహగల్ గారే.

  3. This song ‘Ekla chalo re’ was done in telugu ‘ evaru keka vini raaka poyinaa sarey vokadave padavoyi’ . This song in telugu probably made sometime in about 1962 india – china war. It is a beautiful rendering in telugu.

    Thanks for reminding a marvelous piece

  4. @Seshachary: Can you share an online link to that telugu song, if any?

  5. this murali syam. I am too very much interested to listen or read that
    telugu translation of eklacholo…

    -Telugu version can be heard here. The lyrics over there seem to be different from the one in the song. But, that’s not the point anyways 🙂

  7. […] that the Hindi version of “Ekla Chalo” is one song that has been a source of “sanity” and inspiration over the past few months (years). I did listen to the Telugu and Bangla […]

  8. Hi!
    I am Ravi konda. searching for this song from ages.thanQ very very much. is there any link to download this song?

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