The “Ekla Cholo Re” post :)

I have mentioned before that the Hindi version of “Ekla Chalo” is one song that has been a source of “sanity” and inspiration over the past few months (years). I did listen to the Telugu and Bangla versions before – but none of them really affected me. Bangla -because I don’t know the language, Telugu – perhaps because I need more background music than that song has.

But, this post, on the Telugu version made me go back to Balantrapu Rajanikantha Rao’s composition/lyrics again. For whatever reason (although the lyrics in the blog seem to be different from the actual Telugu song), this time… the “okkadave okkadave okkadave..okadave padavoy” part seemed more forceful than before. I suspect that I even did some sleep-talk about that Telugu version….or….was it in my dream??

After that “surreal” experience, I listened to the Bangla versions by Kishore Kumar and Shreya Ghoshal respectively for some time. Later, I listened to “Bose” version again. I continued moving between “Bose” and Balantrapu Rajani Kantha Rao’s versions for the rest of the day! 🙂

Here are some versions of the song, in Bangla, Hindi and Telugu:

* In Kishore Kumar’s voice (Bangla)

* In Shreya Ghosha’s voice (Bangla)
* From the movie “Bose: The forgotten hero” by Shyam Benegal, music by ARR (Hindi-Bangla).
* A Telugu version written by Balantrapu Rajanikantha Rao (and I don’t really know who sung this). Thanks to Sreenivas garu for sharing this, a while ago!

* Bangla Lyrics and English Meaning

Conclusion: Although I like the Hindi version the best (I am listening to it for six years now, and not bored yet!), I can say that in any language, this song is a source of great personal motivation…

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  1. From the movie “Bose: The forgotten hero” by Shyam Benegal, music by ARR (Hindi-Bangla). అంటూ మీరిచ్చిన లింక్ తప్పండీ. 😦

  2. @Indian Minerva: Oops…sorry! corrected now!
    Thanks for pointing out!

  3. ధాంక్స్ నేను మీకు చెప్పాలండీ. మీ పోస్ట్‌వల్ల ఆరోజు నేను ఈ పాట MP3 సంపాదించేశాను.

  4. Please listen to the late Suchitra Mitra’s rendition of “Ekla Cholo Re”. It’s the best. Providing the Youtube link below:

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