(I found this short note in my drafts folder, written in May 2013)

A few days ago, I ended up watching “Sadgati“. It is a 1981 Hindi film by Satyajit Ray. I wonder if such a short-duration film should actually be called a short-film but that is not the point. Sadgati is based on a story by Munshi Premchand and is a (rather silent) commentary on caste system. I say silent – because this is more of a depiction/narration than a real commentary. No one tries to take stances. No one tries to preach us. Yet, the intended message reaches us through the impact the narrative creates.

What I liked also was the fact that the movie ran for less than an hour. Although I think it could have been even shorter (with zero knowledge of movie making), I think this is an ideal time frame to make a movie out of a short-story and create a strong impact. My favourite Telugu directors would have made it more spicy with songs, fights and with 2.5 hour duration but that is a different story anyway :-).

The lead actors – Om Puri and Mohan Agashe were brilliant. Smitha Patil had a rather small role but, I continue to be amazed by her for her mature portrayal of such roles despite her actual age when she played all these roles. In all, this is a short but strong movie which will “haunt” you as one of the online reviews I read said.

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  1. Yes, a really great movie. Yet another is Sathranj ke Khiladi, again onother Premchand story made by HIM ino a memorable film.

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