Tere Bin Laden – good one!

I watched “London, Paris, New York” the other day and got to “Tere Bin Laden” from there (with the Ali Zafar connection). Despite my poor knowledge of films in general and Bollywood movies in particular, I vaguely remember reading good reviews about this movie back then and the storyline from wiki fascinated me. So, I started watching and I should say two major reasons why I liked the movie are: the movie is short and it is a thoroughly entertaining satire.

What I really liked about the movie were the screenplay and the dialogues. Right from Ali Hassan’s intro scene to the sequence with FBI and Pakistani Intelligence folks, everything was so funny and satirical at the same time. Pradhyuman Singh as Noora/Laden and Chinmay Mandlekar as the Pakistani intelligence officer were the best among the actors (IMHO) although everyone suited their role very well.

I don’t know why but I was reminded of Art Buchwald‘s “Beating around the Bush” column essays, several of which had some satirical comments about the “war on terror”. I should perhaps read those essays again! I was also reminded of another brilliant satirical film “The President is Coming“.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the movie can read the story (with all the spoilers) in the wiki page. Those who want to know my (in)valuable commentary about the movie, well, here it is: just watch it!

(If someone is relieved that I would now stop writing those overtly research like posts which no one except me are interested in reading, you are mistaken!)

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  1. I watched and thoroughly enjoyed it. Surprised how the Laden character looked like real Laden. One of the pics I always recommend to watch. (doubt if real Laden released the videos same way as in the movie while staying in US, India 🙂 )

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