Oh My God! (oh, its a movie!)

So I saw “Oh My God!” as usual, a few months late. Whenever I think of this movie, I am reminded of another well-made entertainer with the same name (and without the exclamation) with Vinay Pathak in the lead role. Although I do not understand the fun in having the same name for movies that came in a rather short span (and also, not having a more desi sounding name), I won’t get in to that now.

Some people say that this is based on a Gujarathi play (Kanji Virudh Kanji) which is based on another Hindi play. Some people say its a free-make of “The Man who sued God“. Whatever it is, its a good watch and very entertaining too.

Dialogues are very well written. If I watch the movie again at any time, dialogues are a major reason. Paresh Rawal was as usual brilliant but actors like Govind Namdeo were a bit over the top as time passed… but who really amazed me was … Mithun Chakraborthy! He was brilliant as this evil God man with rather weird mannerisms. This is really why I write this post. To say that I am amazed by Mithun’s expressions! 🙂

End to story!

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  1. I loved the super-stylish Krishna and his bike, as well!

    Btw, which real life figure was Mithun trying to imitate? Any idea.

  2. Nice movie isnt it ? 😀

    last shiv ratri people were reminded of this movie by the amount of milk that was wasted in Temples. Nice dialogues.

  3. టైటిల్ చూసి మీరు పూర్తి సమీక్ష వ్రాసారనుకున్నాను.
    సినిమా బాగుంది. మీరు వ్రాసినట్టు డైలాగులు ఇంకా బావున్నాయి.
    కాని కొన్ని చోట్ల లాజిక్ మిస్ అయినట్టు, చప్పట్ల కోసం వ్రాసినట్టు అనిపించింది.

  4. I totally agree with your statements about this movie. I watched this movie few months back. I personally don’t like Akshay Kumar and never watched his movies, not even one. When I saw him in the star cast , I skipped it few times but finally decided to watch it and I glad I did it.

    Paresh is as usual brilliant and excellent. Mithun’s mannerisms and expressions were very impressive. I am totally convinced that Akki is the RIGHT choice for that role. Another feast for me was Kailash Kher’s song ” Mere Nishan hai Kahan” for both its lyrical and musical values, needless to say Kailash’s rendering. It occupied my top favs list since then.

    I wanted to watch it again leisurely just to enjoy the dialogues to the core and the action.

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