Thus spoke Mookajji…on God ;)

After I decided to spread Mookajji’s gyaan to the world, I began re-reading the book “Mookajji’s visions”..and realized that whatever Mookajji speaks seem to appeal me immensely 🙂 Okay, so, here is what Mookajji said when Subbaraya asked about the existence of God.

Subbaraya: “What are you leading to? Does God exist, or does he not?”

Mookajji: “Don’t you exist? Don’t I?”

“We do”
“He exists for our purpose”
“So you believe in God”
“Yes, yes, he exists as long as believers exist. There are stones, trees and such like objects – incapable of believing – they cannot. For them, there is neither God, nor the devil.”

“But they too should have a god.”

“That, only they can say. We don’t know what they think. What you and I talk are meant for believers like ourselves. But note this fact – there is death for believers and unbelievers alike. With birth comes death. Is it not enough if I believe just in the fact that there is death? Accept a fact that you are aware of. Why ask a person like me the question as to why the world was created? You have to ask him that question. In spite of your asking it, he will not stop creating.”

… Poor Subbaraya had to conclude that “this talking at random is a family trait with us”, after listening to this discourse 😉

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