Mookajji on creation and illusion

Continuing in the gyaan from “Mookajji’s Visions”… here is what Mookajji said when Subbaraya commented on samsara, illusion and deliverance.
“.. What do they mean by illusion? It means that we are not aware of God’s purpose. Doesn’t it? Can we ever know why he created this illusion at all?”


“Impossible – we have entangled even gods like Rama, Krishna, Shiva and Brahma in such an illusion or mystery. At the same time, we say, ‘It is illusion, we have to break it and without breaking it deliverance is impossible”. I cannot but laugh at such stupidity. What deliverance? Where is deliverance? The so-called saints forsook their wives and children and went in blind faith in search of Narayana and Vitthala. They sang about them endlessly and their devotion to the gods was great. But the fact remains that they abandoned their wives and children. For whose sake did they do all that? They did all that with a desire to meet a Shiva or a Narayana who was no doubt rejoicing with his own wife in Kailasa or Vaikunta. What can those gods, who have yet to obtain deliverance from their own spouses bestow on these seekers?
It is an illusion to think that a god who himself is deeply attached to his wife is going to bestow deliverance on you. Why do these gods need wives, if not for love? Without themselves getting married, they could go on creating, preserving and destroying the world.
But to create, to preserve or to destroy, you need the male and the female. Without bringing them together, there is no creation at all. Even people who shout about God won’t exist.”

The strange sequence of granny’s reasoning flabbergasted me and made me realise that when people said she is mentally deranged, they betrayed a narrow way of thinking.
Mookajji is so ahead of her times I say! 😉

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  1. “Mookajji is so ahead of her times I say”

    It is rather Shivarama Karanth that is ahead of our times 😉

  2. After reading this excerpt, I told myself that I cannot comment on it unless I read the whole book. By itself, it gives me a different opinion about Mookajji’s perception.
    Anyway, since I couldn’t comment, I didn’t comment. Today I seemed to be in the mood of commenting. I already expressed my opinion in a few other places and felt like explicitly saying ‘no comment’ here, just like that. But this is what writing does to me. It connects the dots. So I remembered an interesting observation by my son. He is only a kid and his ideas are not cast in stone. So I hope noone takes it in the wrong way.
    He said that polytheistic religions seem to consider women more on par with women than monotheist religions. Why? He says for example, Important Hindu dieties all have a female consort. Like Lakshmi for Vishnu, Parvati for Siva and Saraswati for Brahma who are as powerful as the diety, if not more.
    And something else related in a wound up way, in the words of Swami Vivekananda, “”Religion is the idea which is raising the brute unto man, and man unto God.”
    When man transcends from the state of brute to human, he worships god in many forms. When he transcends to the next level, he is seeking ‘The one’ or ‘Truth’. At that point, renunciatiion makes complete sense. Ah! I think that makes it clear (for me 🙂 )

  3. సౌమ్యా,
    శ్రీపాద వారి మార్గదర్శి చదువుతుంటే ఈ మాటలు నాకు నువ్వు పంచుకున్న ఈ excperts ని గుర్తుకు తెచ్చాయి. నా ఆలోచనలలో ఈ రెంటినీ కలిపిన లంకె ఇంకొకరికి అర్థం కావచ్చు, కాకపోవచ్చు. ఐనా రెండూ చదివినది నీ వల్లే. ఆ లంకె ప్రస్తుతానికి చాలేమో 🙂
    “ఇక్కడ పుట్టి ఇక్కడి సర్వమూ క్షుద్రం అనుకుంటేగాని ఆ లోకం సిద్ధిచకపోతే అసలిక్కడికి రావడం ఎందుకూ? ఇక్కడి సృష్టి అంతా యెందుకోసం? జగత్తంతా మిథ్య అయితే, మరి అలా బోధించే వాడి మాట?”

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