Mookajji’s visions : An Excerpt

Most of my free time last week went in to reading Shivarama Karanth’s “Mookajji’s Visions”. The novel somehow left an impact on me. Over the past one week, every day, I was reminded of Mookajji (Meaning: Mute Grandmother) atleast once. So, I thought I would dedicate a few posts to her … by typing out some of her thoughts 🙂

“Granny, tell us something. I am grown up, but I know that I lack in wisdom. If I am in error please correct me. I want to know for certain if ever you believed in God.”

“God exists, if you believe so
Even belief is a type of madness.

If I sit down here on the katte, I begin to realize that I am linked to many many early generations. The more I turn toward the past, the more I feel people and lives have existed here for thousands of years. If I delve still deeper, there comes a period when nothing ever existed at all. Since the creation of man on earth, people have joined together in creating a god for themselves. I don’t know what he feels and does. For sure he would not go on keeping a watch for one who believes in him and one who doesn’t. Aren’t there a vast number of animals who never think of God? Yet, he has kept them alive. There is no reason why he should come searching after us, in the manner we go in search of him. Infact, we ask him ever so many questions and then we ourselves begin to answer them. Who can stop us? When it suits us, we say it is God’s will, when it doesn’t, we say it is “our karma”.
We never know anything of God, but pretend we do. I feel quite certain that it is a matter that I can never learn or realise. But still I rant that God’s wish is this, it is that and so on. Sheer childish talk. His will, he alone will know – not you or I…never… never…….”

“Granny, don’t elders say that all this is Paramatma’s sport?”
“All right; say it is; what next?”
“He makes us dance”
“Should we not dance as he bids us?”
“Can you understand what he wants you to do? How then do you say that you dance to his bidding? The words, ‘what he means’ are just what we feel about it.”

…. Putting my religious beliefs (or the lack of them) aside, I feel it is some food for thought! 🙂

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  1. “Can you understand what he wants you to do? How then do you say that you dance to his bidding? The words, ‘what he means’ are just what we feel about it.”

  2. @Lalitha: Exactly. That’s why I think Mookajji Rocks 🙂

  3. Mookaji rocks! Folks do whatever they like to do & in the end say “I did it for you”. How conviniently they forget god knows everything, including your bluff in the name of god, who are they deceiving? Themselves. If god is an almighty that manages zillion life forms, the faster you understand that YOU are very insignificant single bodilingam off a zillion such. So i think our goal is to get recognized by god by doing so many good deeds, more than all other competetors that does similar good deeds so that he would single you out. Selfish? 😉

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