Jurafsky’s Introduction to NLP

Well, its a considerable break from blogging for a compulsive blogger like me 😉 …. not that I don’t have anything interesting… but its just that I got disinterested in online activities. What prompted me to write today was Prof Jurafsky’s 15min talk introducing Natural Language Processing.

I have been having a feast of sorts since October 2011, starting with Prof Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course. Now, I am spoilt for choice, with the advent of Udacity and Coursera. Amidst all these choices, I wasn’t really keen on attending the “Introduction to NLP” class, despite the fact that its being taught by people like Prof Jurafsky and Prof Manning!

However, a friend’s mail made me visit the course website today and I wanted to see the introductory lecture. I am just fascinated by the way Prof Jurafsky introduced NLP to the world (…..of the site visitors!). From the moment I started the video till now – I must have said – “Wow! What an intro!” several times, with several people, along with a “please watch this video” request. If someone introduced something in this manner, I will perhaps be tempted to take that course, whatever it is! In Jurafsky’s magic, I, who decided not to take this course, listened to all the uploaded lectures on the site so far!!

Irrespective of your background, I would strongly recommend this video to people who are curious about –
1) What Natural Language Processing means?
2) Where is it used?
3) (For Telugu readers) What is it that I tried to explain last year, in this ?? 😉 (Yeah, shameless inter-linking!)

e-education rox!

(Okay, since its officially downloadable, I’ve uploaded this video that floored me, on dropbox, so that anyone who doesn’t have a login on course website can also view this video. Here it is. If this uploading is a crime, let me know…I will un-crime myself!)

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  1. good post..nice video..

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