A Passage from “Aramis or the love of Technology”

I just began reading the book. Pretty interesting till now…. found this passage particularly interesting read.

“By definition, a technological project is a fiction, since at the outset it does not exist, and there is no way it can exist yet because it is in the project phase.

This tautology frees the analysis of technologies from the burden that weighs on analysis of the sciences. As accustomed as we have become to the idea of a science that “constructs, ” “fashions, ” or “produces” its objects,
the fact still remains that, after all the controversies, the sciences seem to have discovered a world that came into being without men and without sciences. Galileo may have constructed the phases of Venus, but once that
construction was complete her phases appeared to have been “always already present.” The fabricated fact has become the accomplished fact, the fait accompli. Diesel did not construct his engine any more than Galileo built his planet. Some will contend that the engine is out of Diesel’s control as much as Venus was out of Galileo’s; even so, no one would dare assert that the Diesel engine “was always already there, even before it was discovered .”No one is a Platonist where technology is concerned-except for very primitive, basic gestures l i ke the ones Leroi-Gourhan calls “techno­logical trends.”

Th is rejection of Platonism gives greater freedom to the observer of machines than to the observer of facts. ……..”

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