The Vastness of Nothingness

(I found this half-written and abandoned post in my drafts. Thought it would be interesting to post it in december…which now seems more lively to me (atleast so far) than august (that was when I began and abandoned this) …contrary to popular wisdom 😉 )


As time passed by, I saw less and less of people. The last bunch of human faces were random cyclists passing by. It was a vastness of nothingness. There was an empty track on one side. I would have loved to see a train and wave towards the faces in the window. But, my romantic thoughts did not get a chance to execute themselves. The other side alternated between farming fields and empty land.

I continued walking forward, with the hope of seeing some human inhabitation.

Amidst the vastness of human inhabitation
There was a nothingness, of natural fabrication
I started on this maverick exploration
Which ended in goal less admiration

-My gloom at the near-empty streets seem as non-sensical as the above four lines at the moment (partly because I got used to them!)…so, I don’t have any intentions to finish.

Disclaimer: This is my blog, btw, in case you are not sure. Irrelevant comments as well as “overtly personal” comments made under the belief of “smart puns” will be directed to the trash-bin. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hey, I like this post.
    Especially the last sentence where you proclaim your blog and warn to delete this comment. *evilgrin*

  2. The sound of Vastness: (Or, of whatever you imagine. But I put into it what I imagine.)

  3. THANKS FOR The sound of Vastness SOUND CLOUD LINK





  4. @DrNI: Now I know how vastness sounds! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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