Online Readings-3

After I began this, I actually became more organized with respect to my online readings 😛

I read today that British library made the archives of 300 years of news paper articles available for users. Its amazing that news papers from 1700s will also be accessible from now on (for a fee ofcourse!). It would have been nice if this pay-and-use option was provided, with better usability… on some of those websites like… like… DLI or AP Press Academy archives 😉
There was another interesting article on the free software activists releasing a p2p search engine to take on various commercial engines. Although I am not very impressed (yet) with the UI and its results, I am curious about what happens next, to Project Yacy. I hope it will improve its performance in due course of time! 🙂
There was this small piece of news on Rishi Valley school turning 80. Although I don’t know very much about their operations, I like the fact that they ran for 80 years, despite the fact that they are not exactly a conventional kind of school…

(On to some serious stuff…)

The other day, while roaming in the library, I found “Spectator” magazine in the racks. Any sight of English newspaper or magazine in print is making me feel relieved these days 😉 So, I grabbed it and began reading. I loved the part where there are one-liners about all important events around the world. For someone like me who reads news sporadically, it will provide a good overview I guess.

Now, coming to the point, there was this piece by Michael Henderson called “Deadly game“, on cricket and deaths. Although it came in the backdrop of Peter Roebuck’s suicide, this article spoke about many other cricketing suicides too, which was a revelation to me. However, in my view, this is not how a “supposed to be obituary” column should look like. It might or might not be full of facts but it was very untimely.

There was this piece in “The Hindu”, regarding the ban of a film titled “Dam999”. The title refers to the Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala, which was built in 1895 and given to Madras state on a 999 year lease. However controversial it might be – imposing a ban on release is just shocking. I remember some such issues happened when “Arakshan” was released too. Very recently, there was this another issue of removal of A.K.Ramanujan’s essay. I don’t understand what can be called “Freedom of expression” now 😦 Wonder how governments can act so partially!

Finally, there was this piece in “The Hindu” on Stalin’s daughter, who passed away recently. This was a “heavy” read. Although there is no doubt about the troubled life she might have lead during the Stalin times, in general, her’s seemed to be a sad story. Reading such stories, without actually knowing the background (whether she had some psychological issues? etc) makes me wonder about the purpose of life, again.

(End of discourse for today)

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  1. Good read :))

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