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Inspired by Halley, I also decided to jot down some notes on my online readings (both in Telugu and English). They are not (..and they won’t be) as informative and knowledgeable though 🙂 These are just for my own reference.

First comes Telugu:

When I began writing this post 10days back, the day began with reading eemaata’s november 2011 issue. There was Suresh Kolichala’s translation of A.K.Ramanujan’s essay: “Three hundred Ramayanas: five examples and three thoughts on translation”, on which I spent quite some time (Original Essay here and Telugu translation here). Firstly, I could have read the original itself (which I did, after reading the translation). But, I was more than happy to read it in Telugu. It was a good translation and a good read. Coming to the essay, I still don’t find anything blasphemous in it! About an year ago, Bombay university dropped Rohinton Mistry’s “Such a long journey”. I remember it being a very interesting read too and was surprised that someone can found it “bannable”.(my old blog post on the novel here.)

Such incidents leave me wondering about the tolerance levels of people as well as the workings of universities!! Who adds? and who removes?


While on travels last week, I read Balantrapu Rajanikantha Rao’s memoirs “Rajani Bhava Tarangalu” in parts. Though I had some trouble sometimes, with the language, I am amazed at his energy levels. I don’t remember the first time I heard the name, but the first time I read something about him was in a 2008 article by Kodavatiganti Rohiniprasad(link here). This also linked to 2 more interviews – one in Andhra Jyothi and the other in Vaartha. Now, on a revisit to all these, I noticed that there is a very informative article on Rajanikantha Rao garu on, again. It’s now a decade old, though still timely, for people like me (link here).

And next, English:

There was this extra-ordinarily ridiculous article on NYT, about a guying suing his wedding photographers, several years after the wedding and a divorce! Okay, I hope no one will sue me for saying that! I was surprised that it came up in the top headlines on NYT website. To verify if I got it all wrong, I was browsing through the comments to the post. One of them said: “I had to look at the top of the article twice to make sure I wasn’t reading an article from the Onion!”…I heaved a sign of relief 😛 😛

I also happened to read a long elaborate article “How ready are we for bio-terrorism?”, on NYT. Though I don’t claim to have grasped the entire problem by reading this, I think it provides a good overview of the efforts on developing bio-defenses, the state of the art and the future. (specifically in the USA only, though).

Perhaps, the best of all these readings over the past 10 days, is an year old article from “The Newyorker” magazine, written by Jonah Lehrer…on scientific experiments, results and their replication. Its in two parts, which can be read here and here. Thanks to Santosh, for the pointer.

Atleast for me, its so well-researched that it made me dizzy because of the overload 😛
Although I still don’t have any answer to my confusions on performing scientific experiments and their eventual impact, the article is good food for thought. It also gave a sense of assurance that people do think about such stuff 🙂

Rest in next!!

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  1. Hehehe .. Naice !
    A friend of mine recommended this interview to me and i enjoyed it. You may like it too. A bit long though.

    ABN AndhraJyothi’s Andesri openheart with RK

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