Sonar Kella – The Golden Fortress

After “Joy Baba Felunath“, I also found “Sonar Kella” on youtube, with english subtitles 🙂

“Sonar Kella” is a 1974 Bengali film by Satyajit Ray, based on his own novel, “Sonar Kella”. It was translated as “The Golden Fortress”, to English. I don’t remember each and every scene from the book, but I guess there is some difference between the movie script and the novel.

As I began reading about “Joy Baba Felunath” after watching the movie, I read about Santosh Dutta, the actor who played Jatayu. On Santosh Dutta’s death, Ray commented that he will never make a Feluda movie again, since he can’t find another Jatayu. I looked at Jatayu more closely after reading this comment. He was just amazing! Given the fact that Ray wrote about having actors in mind when choosing a story to film, its no wonder he decided that he won’t make a Feluda movie without Santosh Dutta. ,I liked Kamu Mukherjee, who played Mandar Bose too.

Between 1974 and 1979, we can see the change in Topsche…he looks like a kid in “Sonar Kella” but more young man-ish in “Joy Baba Felunath”. However, I don’t see Feluda aging that much 😛

I don’t remember the book to be so gripping. But, the movie was! 🙂

Out of over-enthusiasm, the moment I found “Abhijan” on youtube, I began watching it…only to realize that it has no subtitles! I had to stop, because I couldnt understand anything. The movie spree ended thus….temporarily.

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  1. i liked sonar kella better than jai baba felunath. I also watched maha nagar on youtube which is another excellent movie and close to my heart. that movie is relevant even now. at one point I wanted to watch all ray films available on youtube but all are not subtitled. watch mahanagar for me and write a review in navatarangam. please.


    • Thanks for the information. Will see if i can watch Mahanagar in the coming days.

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