On Michael Hart

As soon as I woke up today morning, I read this message from Purnima that Michael Hart (of Project Gutenberg) passed away. For a moment, I stared at that message, unable to comprehend what happened.

Flashback to 2010: In Jan 2010, call it stupidity, audacity or whatever, I emailed Greg Newby (The other man behind Project Gutenberg) on behalf of pustakam.net, asking him for an interview about Project Gutenberg. I was so embarrassed to even tell someone that I actually emailed them, for I thought I’d be mocked at. I thought I won’t get a reply, given the fact that mine might have been one of the 100s of emails they receive. But, hardly a day after I sent my email, Greg replied, cc-ing to Michael, giving a “go ahead”. Now, there began two strands of emails – one with Hart and Newby asking them our questions…one with Purnima and others, preparing those questions.

Purnima and I were amazed at their friendly, quick and elaborate responses. Well, we were just “amazed” to say the least. Like a friend commented back then, those emails are indeed something to be cherished. The interview, ofcourse, (IMHO), is one of the best we did in the past 2.5 years. (The text of the e-mail interview can be accessed here, with an intro in Telugu)

I found him a very inspiring person, during the whole process of exchange between us. The passion with which he works is one thing, for which he will remain my inspiration forever. I guess I am not alone in thinking so!

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  1. Oh! And I remember Sowmya introducing project Gutenberg to me as if it were yesterday.

    Hart will be remembered for the revolution he began… and this is a revolution that would only improvise with time. He will rest in peace.

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