Rich calling for more taxes

Okay…I continue with my blogging marathon!

I was so thrilled to read yesterday, in “The Hindu”, about 16 of the France’s wealthiest people coming forward to pay more taxes. I began telling about that to everybody I spoke to (read-every Indian), with an obvious excitement. Today, I read another news, that the German rich are also calling for the same. Thrilled again!

More thrills came, when “The Hindu” published another article today “Europe’s wealthy ask to be taxed more”. Wonder if I will ever read such an announcement from the Indian rich! :((. This was the sentiment that most of my friends too echoed, when I shared with them this news piece… :((

I am naive enough not to understand the implications and loopholes in this process. However, I still think its a good move on the part of the super-rich. It won’t make them poor anyways :P. In a way, they’ve made my day with the announcement! 🙂

Here is the Warren Buffet article from NYT, which is supposed to have triggered these moves.

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  1. మీకు, మీ కుటుంబ సభ్యులకు వినాయకచవితి శుభాకాంక్షలు

    శిరాకదంబం వెబ్ పత్రిక

  2. I don’t know about India, but in the sc “Western World”, we had a lot of crisis recently, and quite not surprisingly, the money causing this crisis has not been burned in some huge crisis-oven, it simply went elsewhere. Nobody of the rich people got poorer in any crisis recently. A few of these rich people now see that they actually could help others and still be quite rich by doing a simple thing. Giving more money to the state.

    A small sign for all of this is the German sports car manufacturer Porsche, they have been selling a lot more cars in 2010 than before, 2011 continuing the same way. Porsche cars are what you buy when you don’t know on what else to spend your money, when you’ve got a Mercedes and a BMW already…

  3. @DrNI: India is always in crisis. 🙂 Which was why I was excited about this news. I don’t know of any previous instance where the rich offered to pay more taxes, before. I just hope the Indian rich too react like this.

  4. Well things have begun to change as can be seen from the statement of Mr. Azim Premji at WEF

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