On Blogging

After a long discussion via instant messages, I suggested a friend (say X) :
“These ideas seem interesting to me. May be you should write down your thoughts somewhere.”
“Yes, I have been thinking of the same for the past few days”.
“Oh, good. Why didn’t you write then?”
“I just don’t know where to begin.”
“Just begin and write. You are not a professional writer anyways.”
“Yes. But, I want it to be perfect”
I wanted to say “Perfection is a myth”. But, I know the consequences. Hence, I said:
“You should start writing first.”
“What if people don’t like it?”
“How can you know if they like it or not, before writing?”
“I don’t want to write some junk and publish”
“It is not junk. They are your thoughts.”
“But, I want it to be perfect”
(Huh!…was my reaction. But..) “Why don’t you write first? Do you really think people will judge you by your blog alone?”
“Your world is limited. It is possible and I know that.”
“Okay, let us put aside our worldly limits. People might get some impression about you after reading your blog. But, that’s not their sole source of forming an opinion.”
“That’s what you think.”
“Okay, I will take a personal example. I am blogging for over five years now. I wrote utter nonsense many times. But, does it mean people think I am good for nothing? Even if they think, is it my problem? Its just a part of me. Its not what I am, right?”
“I want to set a standard.”
“Start somewhere.”
“Yeah. I should.”
(Okay, most of this conversation did not run on the exact lines. I tried to capture the essence.)

…and thus they went on and ended, our discussions, for ages now. To my knowledge, X never actually blogged his thoughts so far. Atleast, not that I know of. Time and again, after each such discussion, the first thought that comes to me is disgust. But, this morning, my thoughts went in a different direction. I was reading Rahul’s post on “Rakhi Sawant and Anna Hazare“. Apart from the fact that I enjoyed reading that post, it dawned upon me that I can quote his blog as an example to X. Before he actually began to blog, I know that Rahul spoke of writing for months/years, but did not write because of whatever inhibitions (including some of the above mentioned ones) in our college days. As I began seeing his blog regularly, I understood why one should start writing his/her own blog.

More than fantasizing about writing great pieces of work, for non-professional writers, writing (especially blogging) is a form of expression. It gives clarity to our thought processes, in many cases. It also keeps a log of our thought processes. A blog is not about people who read the blog. Its not even about people forming opinions about us reading the blog. It’s about you and your thoughts. A blog is a part of you, but not something that defines you (I don’t endorse the idea of using some single thing to define what an individual is, but lets not talk about that now.). It’s a part of who you are, but not who you are.

I began blogging, because I always felt that urge to write – irrespective of its readability and possible interest among readers about that topic. So, I always write a post with my thoughts in mind, not the possible responses of the readers. To me, writing a great post is not important. Writing about something I want to, is important. Ofcourse, its always good to write what you think and feel relieved rather than getting stressed out with the burden of chained thoughts in our brain. As we write, we improve, is my motto. Though I am incorrigible and beyond any reform and continue to produce sub-standard junk, I have faith in my fellow humans :P. Ofcourse, given that its me who is writing all this, I also mean to say : “greatness is also a myth”.

This post is dedicated to X, who might or might not see this post, and to Rahul, who will. The post is in English, for the sake of Rahul and X. :))

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  1. Brilliant!
    Most people have forgotten that the term ‘blog’ is a blend of the words in ‘web log’.

    The byproducts have taken front seat and the reality the backseat. As Sowmya has said already, the amount of clarity I get on the aspects I usually think about is outstanding.
    Only some of these I post on the blog, and the responses in comments, chats and personal conversations are the real sources of my enrichment.

    Thanks Sowmya for writing in English. 🙂

  2. During the days when I was contemplating about making my Telugu blog public again, a friend suggested: May be, you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t if with every post published you’re standing among public exhibiting your ego.

    That comment made me think harder. True. The one way of getting screwed up is to have your ego at public’s mercy. And I’ve witnessed many getting bogged down by it.

    There’s equal harm done to your progress if you get carried away by the adulation and success. The key here is to treat bricks and bouquets on their merit.

    I’m with X, if he doesn’t go online with this thoughts, but writes them in private. If not,

  3. Four years back, when I started blogging I was like X. But now, I am at a loss! So many people have opinions, and recently for couple of times – I was not allowed to express my (real) junk. Got screwed up and disturbed! This in turn caused further disturbance, and recently I closed all of my blogs. Now I am so peaceful!

    I am searching for some blog guru who teaches me all the dynamics of avoiding people to form opinions on me. Is there somebody around?

  4. Hmm. Purnima’s comment gives me an idea. Perhaps X can begin by expressing opinions as comments first.
    Back to Purnima – writig comments could also be exhibition of ego? That too in some one else’s blog. One will have more control on one’s own blog.
    Everyone who once wrote and closed their blogs might not have done that because they could not deal with comments. There could be other reasons as getting otherwise busy for example.
    Now to the main idea in the post. Sowmya, writing, to me, especially in my blog, helped me find exactly what you said – clarity. Clarity in my own mind about my own persptions, reflections, impressions, and expressions. Comments help me look at other people’s reactions and expose me to different view points, different levels of flexibility in understanding other’s viepoint etc.
    Blog writing helps channelise the energy which, when not expressed might turn to agitation. Sometimes, it simply is the joy of expressing. It is a personal thing as in how it affects the blog writer.
    Blog writing also has helped me with my Telugu tremendously.

  5. Sorry for one too many typos in my comment.

  6. I can’t exactly remember when I started writing, but it soon became a part of me. So blogging came along naturally. At first. But more and more I came to think what people would think of me when they get to know me this way. So I deleted lots of posts and promised myself to do this every year. I’m not concerned the usual capitalistic way, thinking that future employers might be scared and bla bla, I just think about people I meet on the corridor and that all they might know about me is my face, my name and the rude short story I uploaded the day before. I often wonder how authors of fiction books manage.

    For the real thoughts, nobody cares anyway. They are only important to me. Nobody wants to read them. They can go into my diary. Unfortunately, the line is not very easy to draw between things that are interesting to others and blather that is just me.

  7. Blogo ergo sum. (I blog, there fore I am.)

  8. Thanks for the post in English Sowmya :). Sowmya was referring to perfectionism blocking creativity. But other comments are also valid in their context.

  9. baagundamma chodyam… blogu chadivi vraaddamu ane oopu thechukune lope commentlu chadivi neerukaari poyelaa undi…

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