Silences – Some Serious nonsense :)

“While the heart winces
seeing the teary eyeball princess,
nervous system rinses
itself in the blood of dark silences.
perhaps, silences are dancing violences…”

I was reading what I wrote almost an year ago, perhaps over a chat conversation (which was buzzed later). As I began thinking about Silences again, I thought of an alternate viewpoint.

If I am the person whose silence is always misunderstood (Oh, when am I silent, firstly??), I would say:

Silences can be painful grievances
imagined to be beautiful violences.
They might appear as grave offences
while they are actually misunderstood defences

If I am hyper religious, I would say:
Silences, possibly are divine providences
to avoid argumental disturbances
or they perhaps have moral provenances
to prohibit immoral utterances

If I am a person affected by someone’s silence, I would say:

your silences
they are not only my emotional expenses
but also our eternal suspenses
they play now with my senses.
please, I need them now, your damn utterances!

As I was thinking of adding more, another game began. I was showing the above things to Purnima and was asking her to provide me more scenarios. Here are the outputs.
(This is slightly different from my and Rahul’s games. But thoroughly enjoyed doing this!!)

Purnima: License for Silence – (Someone, who apparently can’t talk properly can afford to be silent. Not someone who can).

I have not any wordy providence
which in itself is the license
for my eternal silence
but, what about your reticence?
its a capital offence!

Purnima: silence is like slow poison..none but dying knows he’s dying

Silence – is a deadly posion;
with which no one has a liasion;
except the person of its mention;
who lives in an abandoned mental mansion;

Purnima: “Litmus test for a person’s importance to you… their silence…the more it hurts. The more you’re mad of the person”

Your silence –
It may be a protest of non-violence;
But to me, its a litmus test to my patience;
which, iam afraid will soon die in the radiance;
of your striking, depressing, deadly silence.

Purnima: the most offensive of all silences is that of god :p
the silence of god;
it may be made of gold;
but who cares? its not bold;
and it seems cold;
ah, God is anyways too old;
for this to be told;

Purnima: silence is oscillation between sadness and madness

silence is a state of freeze;
where you feel no breeze;
But, its also a state of brazen craze;
which can stubbornly navigate any maze.

Purnima: silence is like still pond,words are like stones pelted into it

Silence is a still pond;
Sometimes, with none to bond;
Of words, its not so fond;
But, a word is such a vagabond
that exists to disrupt the silent pond.


Purnima: It costs emotionally, to get back to Silence.

to get back to silence;
you need an expensive license;
which may not need an ordinance;
but the path might be full of malignance;
so that you might take the path of repentence;
for actually quitting silence!


Purnima: If you want to run away from words, opt for silence. If you want to run away from silence?

words and their opulence
caused a conversational corpulence
forcing me in to secluded silence
But, silence and its reticence
more than everything, its impertinence
have become such a menace
Planning to run away, Hence.
But, where shall I go, thence?

There were 2,3 more such lines, from Purnima. Though, I realized that I need a break from these silent ramblings…and go public for now 😛

Perhaps, some more, some other time! 🙂

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  1. Really loved it!

  2. చాలా బాగా రాశారు మౌనం గురించి.

  3. this nonsense is seriously sensible..:))

    enjoyed reading !!

  4. Radiance of brilliance (just tried to keep pace, :P)

  5. Nice read sowmya!!

  6. if you try rhyme
    big time
    than being a mime
    mine is the crime
    to lose prime
    hitting head with a chime
    like this slime and grime
    this is no sweet lime
    but an organized crime
    thought not waste of time

  7. @Praasa – whoever it is:
    Thats a good try, though I couldnt quite get it.
    Anyways, I dont generally like anonymous comments. So, won’t go further about this.

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