5 Word 55 Fiction games, part-2

Oh, where is the part -1?
It can be read in Rahul’s blog, here.

We got in to playing this game and it got real addictive. Whenever one of us find some time, we ping the other and begin with “Shall we play now?”. Depending on the other’s time, sometimes, we play. Sometimes we don’t. The rules of the game are simple. One of us will give 5 words and both of us should create a 55 word story out of it. Neither 55 nor story is a mandatory requirement. We have to write something approximately of 55 words in length, connecting those 5 words. It can also be nonsense :). So, here we go, with the second phase:

Sowmya: disillusionment, tiredness, rain, blinds, cardboard

Sowmya: can tiredness arise out of disillusionment? or is it the other way round? That fatigue can cause disillusionment and viceversa is one of the best philosophies I ever thought about. These blinds closed the rain for me and all I can do is to stare at the cardboard beside me, and spin new theories!

Rahul: The illusions of neutrino rains blindfolded him. He was tired of using cardboards to hit himself. Such a paradox, he thought, and soon disillusionment was in sight. Only till he woke up, in somebody else’s dreams.

Rahul: step, fire, number, play, cap

Sowmya: step by step i try to play the number game
with such a fire, that fire hangs its head in shame
with a cap in my feather and a feather in my cap
i step on the fire, playing the number game wearing a cap
ah, nonsense is bliss!!

He hated caution and liked dangerous games. This one involved fire and and stepping on it. He had a cap to his aid but wasn’t sure how it could help him take maximum steps!

Sowmya: flask, router, walker, croissant, green

Sowmya: wierd as it might sound, in order that his friends won’t comment on his croissant mania, he carried croissants in a thermos flask, of all places. Posing as a busy walker, who is his own router, he walked in the greens, with the flask dangling from his shoulder.

Rahul: With a flask brimming with coffee in one hand and newspaper in the other which also held a bag hanging as he walked briskly across the greens in rush as if the world was about to end, and yet as if the coffee was more important. Once he reached home he started the router plugged-in to the internet and pulled out his croissants from the bag. And grins. 😀

Sowmya: blast, plug, tin, table fan, aloevera

Sowmya: “here are a tin of biscuits, have a blast”, Aleana said, plugging in the table fan, an unusual site in these days.
“And here is your aloevera plant!” I responded.
She knew my craving and I knew her search, through a past conversation. With bartering, began a relationship!

Rahul: It came straight of a sci-fi movie. He never hated table fans so much. Table-fans were connected to the drums and they would blast away the moment the fan is plugged in. He also never hated tin locks that much; today they wouldn’t let you out of the room. His only hope was some dust of aloe vera left in his backyard. Or not even that.

blind, voice, nerve, catch, miss

Sowmya: Its gets on to my nerves, when I am forced to become blind, and I hear voices all around me. Who would like to listen to unseen voices, even if it were God’s? I live in the perpetual fear of getting caught in this dark, missing the light forever.

Rahul: John was up all night as the security guards took notice of him taking turns one after another as they changed their shifts. Only some knew he hadn’t left the office for 3 straight days. His blind voice was getting on their nerves… he never catches any glimpse nor misses one. Not of a beautiful young female.

(More to follow, here or in Rahul’s blog)

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  1. Hey some innovation in here.. Nice game..

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