Microblog on John Allen Paulos’ quote

‘I confess that I find it oddly liberating that rational and irrational decision-making processes are sometimes indistinguishable.’

-I found this in John Allen Paulos’ ‘A Mathematician reads the Newspaper’, an extremely interesting and entertaining book about how “mathematical thinking” (if I may call it so) can help readers get better information out of and about newspaper articles. More about the book later. For now, let me stick to the statement 🙂 If everything is based on luck,karma, god’s will or whatever you prefer to call it, rational and irrational are perhaps complementary and not contradictory! 😛

He also says- “sometimes, conscious randomizing of choices can maximize one’s effectiveness”. Its all about “acknowledging uncertainty”..
-Ah, whatever he wanted us to understand by saying that… I fell in love with the book! 🙂

Even a 201 Bus journey is fine, if am left with this book!

Hope to write about this book soon…

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  1. All this seems to be a very fuzzy logic. 🙂

  2. No ma’am. I beg to disagree.

    Nothing can put you out of misery during 201 bus journey 🙂

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