Knowing about the Kannada author Nemichandra

It’s always interesting to know about the history behind places you see everyday. ‘Multiple City’ helped me understand some such things about Bangalore/Bengaluru. I’d prefer to call that – ‘common man’s history’. I don’t want to bother myself about the societal impact such studies have, though. I just enjoy reading and understanding the past and present of common people, their lifestyles then and now. I am not interested on pontifying about the benefits of reading such accounts either 😉

Coming to the point, I’d been to ‘Woody’s’ in Jayanagar, just few weeks ago. Little did I imagine that I’d be reading the story behind that location so soon. The essay which told me this story is – “In Search of the star of David” by Nemichandra, in the collection – ‘Multiple City‘. Woody’s was actually the place where the oldest jewish family of Bangalore’s family shoe store once stood!

First, I got curious about the topic of the essay. Towards the end, I got curious about the author herself. Googling over her name, I found out that she is an active writer as well as an Engineer who works for HAL. I fall in love with such multifaceted people instantly :p Having parallel careers in different fields – is something that I admire a lot in some people. If the concerned person is a woman, I admire her even more. So, here I am, despite not having read anything about Nemichandra, having read only a single essay by her – I am already curious about her writings and herself! 🙂

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  1. Even I am a fan of Nemichandra and admire her a lot. Her novels are really great.

  2. i am fan of namichandra

  3. I like her writings. She boosted me alot by her writings.

  4. im inspired by her writings………….. n i want to thank her,,,,,,,,,, thank you mam…………

  5. i am inspired by her writings.May God bless her !

  6. It is Woody’s at Commercial Street and not the one at Jayanagar. For details, you could refer her novel YAD VASHEM’ which has the old Bangalore city as its backdrop.

  7. I recently attended a session by nemichandra in Pune literary Festival 🙂 She is quite fascinating person 🙂 I have never read her , as she writes in Kannada , and I don’t know the language. Do you know if any of her book is translated in English ??

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