Search predictions for 2010, dated 2007 :)

I began reading this 2007 article by Omgili’s founder Ran Geva on the near future of search engines. Well, firstly, it provides some basic idea about what is required for a search engine etc. Next, and the major reason I felt like writing this post – is the article that it lead me to.

It is another 2007 article by Gorg Hotchkiss on SearchEngineLand, speculating on how search results page will be in 2010. This is the theme – the author chose a few people, sort of, his dream team, and discussed with them on how the search results page will look like in 2010.

Here is the list:
* Jakob Nielsen, the Web’s best-known usability guru
* Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of user experience and interface design
* Michael Ferguson, one of the architects of Ask’s unique user experience
* Larry Cornett, the VP of search experience at Yahoo!
* Justin Osmer, Product Manager for Microsoft Live search
* Chris Sherman, Executive Editor of Searchengineland and always thoughtful industry observer
* Greg Sterling, another industry analyst who always has interesting insights, particularly in the local and mobile world
* Danny Sullivan, the Go To Guy of search

Here are the questions posed:
* The look of the search results page
* Does search become our own personal portal page?
* Search as a social experience
* Smarter search engines
* Personalization (I think this is the most discussed topic, with most diverse opinions in this discussion)
* Search driven by query trends
* Contextual search
* The semantic search engine?
* More hands-on experience with greater functionality
* Stratification of user functionality

I searched for part-2 of this article and found it here. It discussed more on the advertising/mobile search etc aspects.

Here are the questions posed:
* Will search go mobile in three years?
* Search advertising in 2010
* Do richer visual ads equal banner blindness?
* What might personalization means for the future of advertising on the search results page?
* How will our interaction with the page change?
* Where will the innovation come from?
* The convergence of search and entertainment
* Bold predictions for the future

– Iam not done with a good reading yet, though. I did what you’d do in the first parse of a research paper 🙂 I respect any Search Engine Land article and have been an avid follower of them ever since the site began in action. Obviously, this article made an interesting read for me, with all those insights from the industry big shots. I think its a must read for all those who work in the related areas. Co-curricular activity quota 😉
Just as I was wondering about what lots of other search engines might have thought of the “search in 2010”, at another of my favourite sites, AltSearchEngines, there was this post on the same topic, which summarized the future, if a “Collaborate or Perish” is not followed by all the Alternate Search Engines, as below:

[The Google cycle:

1. Look at the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines.  Pick your favorite one.

2. Imitate their approach, hire their talent, or just buy them outright.

3. (I need to) Replace the now-missing Alt with a lesser quality one.

4. Repeat steps 1-3.]
– Er…. No comments 😉

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