Erich von Däniken

“…..he has also knowingly put forward fraudulent evidence to advance his hypotheses, such as photographs of pottery “depicting UFOs”, supposedly from an archaeological dig dating back to the biblical era. The PBS television series Nova determined that this was a fraud, and even located the potter who made them. When confronted with this evidence, von Däniken argued that the deception was justified because some people would only believe his theories if they saw actual proof…”

– That is Däniken for you 🙂 (Source here)

I have seen his books in my father’s bookshelf ever since I learnt to identify alphabets. These titles – “Return to the stars”, “Chariots of the Gods”, “Gold of the Gods”, “Gods from outer space”, “According to the evidence”, “Signs of the Gods” etc – initially made me think that these are some spiritual books. But, as I grew up, I realized they are some kind of  “history’s mystery” books. However, I never ventured to read them. Even those occasional browsings never progressed beyond random flips of pages.

When I picked up “Gold of the Gods” yesterday, I had an inkling that this time its not going to end at random flips. Though I am still not reading the book at-a-stretch, I can say that – this book had some impact on me. (Whether its positive or negative – is a different discussion altogether.) The first twenty pages shook me from lethargy. Though it now appears to me less credible and more of a mis-represented history, it made me extremely curious on the first read.

Reading that – prehistoric men had more technological might than the present day men, these underground tunnels, which Dänikenexplained here – were the result of these people’s technological advancement, that they arrived here after a fight between Gods in heaven, that men in other undiscovered planets evolved in the same way as homo sapiens etc etc. – is all fun in one way. But, to actually believe it – requires some amount of persuasion. I would have been convinced about Däniken’s research, but for the statement mentioned above. Ever since I read that, I lost the simultaneous “wow!” and “wth!” feeling. I can’t resist admiring his frankness in accepting his manipulations, though. Not many do that in real world 😉

Iam a BPL (Below Poverty Line) candidate in terms of anthropology, history and other social sciences.  So, I can’t disparage all this saying that this is a farce. I can’t say this is real history either. At many places – I got the feeling that Iam reading a science-fiction novel. If all this is a farce – its still a wonderful imagination and can become a good science-fiction novel (infact several novels). If all this is reality, it will redefine the history of man.

As a reader, its fun reading all this….as this is firing my imagination.

So, may be i’ll go ahead and read his other books too, after completing this…

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