ChaCha and TechCrunch

I was also one of those who wondered “why?” when was launched as a people powered search engine in 2007. I found it pretty irritating to chat with humans to do my search. I also wondered about its scalability.

Then, sometime back, i heard about ChaCha voice search and also blogged briefly about the same. Even then, doubts lingered in my mind about its scalability.

Now comes the techcrunch article, which says “ChaCha makes its crazy business model…profitable”

“So ChaCha may just have a real business on its hands, despite the near constant criticism from us and others over the years. This is one time that I won’t mind at all being wrong.”

-is how the techcrunch article ended.

Interesting progress from ChaCha…. Do read the article if possible. Some insider perspective from ChaCha’s folks..

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  3. Different topic: The poorest nation (and one of the tiniest) in the western hemisphere is jolted by the biggest quake in the region in centuries. I once read a book on what makes some nations poor and some rich. And the conclusion is this – thinking. Mind-set. Positivity or the lack of it.

    We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.

    Our Macaulay system is aimed at spreading negativity. Indians are supposed to see India as a wasteland.

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