Text Adaptor

I was reading about this “Text Adaptor” tool of Educational Testing Service (ETS). As the name indicates, it’s an automatic tool to perform text adaptation – which in general means a teacher’s modification of the texts to make them more readable and understandable, given by the student’s learning level. It was interesting to read that this tool actually does some stuff like – automated synonym detection, antonym detection, automated text summarization, some translation and a bit of shallow parsing to identify complex sentence structures.

I was searching for Educational Applications of Natural language processing, when I stumbled across this tool. It was interesting to see these topics being discussed in a totally different and real-life context. I wondered if people do such kind of things for Indian languages. In the present day scenario, our own people don’t know their own language properly; I think such kind of tools are necessary. How cool it will be if such a tool simplifies something like the text of Viswanatha Satyanarayana in to “manava bhasha” and let me read :p Ah! Imagination is such a wonderful thing…. Alas, reality isn’t 😦

“Text adaptor” is currently being used at two online teacher development programs for ELL (English Language Learners) Teachers in USA. Its goal is to help teachers identify the linguistic complexity of text and help them in making it more accessible to an ELL. Further, the report that Iam reading also talked about “Text Adaptor” data possibly providing some good resource for NLP research in text quality and related areas. As I proceeded with the report further, I began wondering about measuring the relatedness between two sentences in a passage – taking cue from the work. Since it made me think (after a long time, something made me think!), I think my reading time was respected 😉

Hmm, I want to see how the tool works… to talk any further 🙂

Yeah, appears to be a very interesting and practical application to NLP – the very place where my search began. So, my search took me to the right path – at least for once 😉

This is where there is a brief Intro: “The Automated Text Adaptation Tool” by Jill Burstein, Jane Shore, John Sabatini, Yong-Won Lee & Matthew Ventura. Educational Testing Service, Demo in NAACL-HLT 2007. I don’t actually know if its available for free-view…

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