Susan Dumais’ Salton Award lecture

I was just browsing through a page on Susan Dumais‘ Salton Award lecture, (Gerald Salton Award).

It was titled “An Inter disciplinary perspective on Information Retrieval”.
It began with Susan Dumais talking about how she got interested in IR, and finally began working in the related areas. Next, she went on to describe what kind of work did she get involved in, how things have changed in the past two decades in the field of Human Computer Interaction and in the context of Information Retrieval. After that, she began on a note about future directions, which I found interesting.

1. “The first area has to do with the dynamics of information and users’ interactions with it. …. How can we extend retrieval models and systems to go beyond a single, static snapshot of information? How can we model searchers in a way that captures the evolution of their information needs within a single session, and across many search episodes?”

2. “The second area has to do with evaluation…… Evaluations methodologies need to be extended to handle the scale, diversity, and user interaction that characterize information systems today. …..Can we go even further and develop a kind of “living laboratory” in which research groups can try new ideas with searchers in situ, thus enabling controlled experiments in the wild?”

Left me with some kinda vague thoughts… too vague to put them on blog too…
The article was too small, but, very interesting. If there was a “talk” and there is a video uploaded somewhere, I would love to see that..

I am not sure about an access to this pdf… but, heres the link.

Update: Here it is – Susan’s presentation.
-Thanks for sharing, Praneeth!

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