Flirtation Detection and my blah

Hardly a day since I wrote on Satire Detection, I happen to stumble upon Flirtation detection!

Coming to think of it, in a way, may be this is good. It will help those people who are vulnerable to deception. And for the deceiving folks, it will help them escape the guilt etc etc, since the machine is now there to expose them 😛 Its always the machine’s fault now, if the deceived can’t realize the real intentions of the deceiving. Win-Win situation for both the parties involved.

A friend was commenting on developing a mobile phone software with flirt detection enabled – which will save lot of time for both the parties. But, Iam not revealing his name here because all the mobile companies, which literally survive on these long phone calls and long distance relationships will attack him for giving such a blasphemous idea 😉

And the perennial romantic’s view: What the hell is all these? There will be no value for emotional intelligence with such ideas becoming implementable. How nice will that feeling of “getting blind folded by love” be? how sweet and sour that suffering can be? how cold that indifference can be…how cool can those sweet nothings be…aha! ignorance is bliss!!! I dont want these tools.

A pessimist’s view : No no no no no. AI has no future. AI can’t do anything. AI just shows you multi-colour dreams. The typical Prof. Y way.

The Optimist says: Who knows? This might infact benefit us. Why should we think only of the negitive side? Lots of innocent people can be saved from the clutches of those people of deceit!

Me says: Lite le lo yaar! Long way to go! Perhaps, they will never go to that extent. Think like me, not like a scientist in a sci-fi movie.

Frankly speaking, I am a split personality. So, all the above said views are mine. But, I don’t know the names of those splits. When I am me, I am me 😛

Here it is, the actual paper: It’s Not You, It’s Me: Detecting Flirting and Its Misperception in Speed-Dates

At anyrate, beware, all those deceptive lovers. You might have tough time in the future 😉

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  1. 🙂

    I wonder, if all this works out!

  2. Wonderful article for natuaral language processing. One can Identify the domain specific corpus and then improve the service or call flows of an automated system.


  3. hmm interesting, కానీ శతకోటి అపాయాలకి అనంతకోటి ఉపాయాలు అన్నట్లు. మనవాళ్ళు ఇది అందరికీ అందుబాటులోకి వచ్చేసరికే దీన్ని కూడా ఎలా మోసం చేయాలో కనిపెట్టేస్తారు 🙂

  4. Flirts are very different from lovers and dates.
    If two people have come to the level of having long phone calls or long distance relationships, they are way beyond flirtation!

    Well, in a way, they may not be anyway near flirtation. They may be of them might suddenly feel that he/she is in love with the other..and might start flirting in order to know other person’s intentions 😛

  6. A polygraph machine has a similar purpose. But the clever criminal can turn the system on its head and use it to prove his “innocence”.

  7. @sowmya:
    Well then why detect flirtation ? I am against this.
    I don’t want anybody to point fingers at me or even my kids for that matter. 😛

    So much of computation, NLP, Human Language Processing, Opinion Analysis and blah… After all that, we still say “Ah we are humans and machines don’t match us.”

    What new skills have humans earned in the last century except “Training Machines”. Compare it to what machines are learning though they are completely dependent on us.

    Okay I’m still not sure what this comment means.

    But, Yeah. I found a good usage of this technology when it becomes a tool of daily usage.
    In an increasingly online life that we lead, it might be hard to manage relationships and spend quality time. Every now and then you could check back on your chat client saying “When was the last time I flirted ABC ?”
    “Last month on 12th.” Replies the machine and you can avoid closing the case.

    And may be I am wrong. 🙂

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