Satire Detection – Hopes,Fears and me ;)

Automatic Satire Detection: Are You Having a Laugh?

– I came across this paper today and the introduction section itself left me thinking.

Firstly, I don’t understand why should satire be detected by a machine? Or.. are people hoping for this to lead to even something like – a machine making satirical conversations? 😛 Oh my God.. satire detection sounds scary to me.

At this rate, my conversations need to be extra cautious. I shamelessly accept that I am very satirical and many times, I seek revenge on people who torment me by replying satirically to them. I enjoy the sadistic pleasure in seeing those tormentors getting tormented and being left clueless, ultimately ending in failing to reply back. Sometimes, I do this with people who can’t understand the intended satire..and have masochistic pleasure.

Two years back, I was reading an advertisement of some workshop which had “Computational Humor” was one of its topics. Back then, I felt that that thought was interesting. Then, it dawned upon me that its actually amusing to imagine “computing” humor. Later, I wondered – “Will computers cut jokes with us now?”.

Humor, Satire… what next?

If this can go on, I want something that can convey your feelings to the person who is not able to understand when you yourself say, directly or indirectly. Let our feelings be converted in to mathematical equations and be shown to the intended person graphically, like those colourful matlab graphs 🙂

Theres an advantage to the whole affair. If you feel the other person is understanding too much..or reading too much between the lines, you can always say – “I did not mean that. It was the machine’s fault”. Oh, I am futuristically thinking about over-learning of human heart..already!!! 😉

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  1. Satire Detection first and then replies to the satires! 😛

  2. >>Satirical conversations..
    Hahaha.. i love them most! People are very afraid to talk to me, only bcoz of this 😉

    >>“I did not mean that. It was the machine’s fault”
    Too good.. wt an excuse!!!

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