ChaCha voice search

I have always wondered about the quality of ChaCha, the search engine. Well, they use human query interpreters and hence, I was wondering if its really scalable to use humans when it is used to the extent as say google. I forgot about ChaCha as time passed and its been more than one year since I last saw the ChaCha homepage.

Now, I read this news: “ChaCha Voice Search Beats Google, Yahoo/Vlingo In Accuracy, Reliability” here. This study was sponsored by ChaCha and the evaluation searches were performed by a single individual from his iPhone.

While the others are automated speech recognition while ChaCha uses humans for voice search query understanding. So, its bound to perform better. However, I just wonder – how many human guides does one need to have on the background if ChaCha Voice search is used as frequently as a general google search is used now.

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  1. comparing it with google/yahoo sounds too funny…

  2. S. True indeed. How can it? But in future, BOL for those Engineers

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