Multilingual Search Strategies

Here goes the details of this paper:
Title: Multilingual Search Strategies
Authors: Anne Aula, Melanie Kellar (both from google)
In CHI-2009.

What is this about? : Its a kind of user-study paper which attempts to understand the search behavior of multi lingual searchers (people who search in more than one language for information). Also, it aimed at understanding why and when does a user search for information in alternative languages. Finally, it also studied the case of searchers using google as a language tool to check for correct phrases in non-native languages etc.

Now, this paper summarizes the questions it dealth with in the introduction section:
1. How do multilingual searchers decide what langauge to search in?
2. Do multilingual searchers switch languages within a search task? If so, why?
3. Do users change the language setting on a search engine?
4. What are the major challenges encountered by multilingual searchers.

Me thinks: As a multilingual searcher, I can kind of answer these questions directly, for my case. But, wanted to verify what their findings said – to some extent they matched 🙂 Its always interesting to read these user study papers – for one reason. I am always amazed at the way these people patiently conduct these studies days together, all the time. Its easier to read these papers and they are easier to understand too 🙂

Their future work is focussed on the below issues, it seems:
1. Are these findings valid for other languages and language pairs? (Perhaps, they are.. 😉 )
2. Challenges faced by multilingual searchers who need switch between character sets in addition to languages (Eg: English my case) – This is what I was thinking about ever since I began reading this paper. I was expecting for this to be discussed. Alas, better luck next time.
3. How common are the cases where user’s queries contain search terms in more than one languages? what are the characteristics of these search tasks?
-Hmm, Interesting question. I don’t actually know if I understand the question correctly, but, looking forward to see this answered, anyways.

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  1. Nice collection.

    😉 🙂 😀

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