Two decades of statistical language modelling

Well, I think I began reading this in the lastweek of may. With lots of breaks, I completed it towards mid-june. With a second round of breaks, I am finally writing about it now 🙂

The title of the paper is: “Two decades of statistical modelling: Where do we go from here”
Author: Ronald Rosenfeld

Though I have been moving around with this phrase “statistical modelling” for almost three years now, it never appealed to me until some 3 months back. I don’t know why..perhaps, I dont want machines to “grow” 😉 I dunno. Coming to the paper, I felt it serves its purpose. It basically summarizes different statistical language modelling approaches and also points to future directions of research. Let me summarize the paper, the way I see it:

1. It started with an introduction to statistical language modelling – what does it mean etc. Well, to say in simple words, “Statistical language modelling” refers to “capturing the regularities in language for the purpose of improving the performance of various Natural Language applications.

2. Then, it gave examples of how statistical modelling is used in various natural language processing applications.

3. It was commenting on how “language models dont actually realize that they are modelling a language” and on how to “put language back in modelling”.

4. It gave a brief overview of various Statistical language modelling techniques, principles, measures to evaluate, common weaknesses etc.

5. It then pointed towards future models of language processing and then, discussed about the challenges of statistical language modelling for future 🙂

More than anything else, this paper is a wealth of references. At around the same time I began reading this, I was struggling with something, for which one of these references provided the answer. 🙂
Well, to conclude, I’d suggest that people MUST read it, if they are interested in statistical language modelling – Who am i to suggest, anyways? those who are interested might have read this already 😉

And finally, some baatcheet : I was sitting in a hall 2 years back, listening to the same Roni Rosenfeld talking on “from natural language to language of life”, @Indian Institute of Science – wondering what the hell is all this? I don’t understand a bit!! I doubt if my peanut brain can understand that discussion even now, though 😉

The paper can be accessed here.

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  1. Whatta coincidence! I have been looking for this info for the last couple of weeks ( Rather too lazy to look for it extensively) – You saved a few hours of my time. Thank you very much!!

    By the way, I pass thru Carnegie Mellon University every day on my way to work

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