Darwinism and “Anti-Darwin”ism

Yes, the quotes there have some significance. By Darwinism, I meant what Darwin has proposed. By “Anti-Darwin”ism, I meant the act of being Anti-Darwin. That is, the second one is not exactly criticizing Darwinism. Its criticizing Darwin. No, its not a debate. I happened to see two documentaries yesterday.
1. Was Darwin wrong? – a National Geographic video.
2. Disasters Darwinism Brought to humanity
– It was interesting to see the two different poles back to back. This helped me see the stark contrast immedietly, in the way both the teams approached in conveying their thoughts.

Let me tell about the first video: Going by the title, I thought it was Anti-Evolutionary or Creationist. Well, let me confess, I have a strong sugary taste for Darwinism, though Creationism appeals too, albeit very rarely. Despite that, imagining that I will know the creationist view point, I chose to see the video. However, Open sesame, it proved to be a pro-evolutionary theory video! The documentary makers first took the three basic principles of Darwin’s theory “Origin of speices and proved their validity, atleast theoritically. They then went on to counter some of those arguments that Anti-Evolutionists cite against the “Theory of Evolution”. I felt they did a nice job of it, majorly because, they focussed on proving the validity of Darwin’s theory rather than lambasting the opponent theorists.

The second one, ah, disappointed me a lot. Though I expected a severe criticism of Darwinism, it was too irrational for me to understand. It blamed Darwin and Darwin’s theory for every thing from Colonialism to Communism. Well, perhaps, the makers might have been right in pointing out that the concepts of “White man’s burden”, “superiority of the White civilization” etc etc gaining support from Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” concepts. But, I did not understand the point in blaming Darwin and Darwinism for this. It was mis-interpreted by those who misused it. I see no difference between this and blaming Communism because a bunch of leaders misused it. (Actually, while watching another video called “Bloody History of communism” I lost the positive anti-communist feeling that was created in me in the first half to a more sympathetic reaction in the second half majorly because of this very reason – mere rebuke of Communism and communists without enough rational backup.)

I was wondering why people lose credibility despite the fact that they researched a lot – just by beginning to criticize others. Criticism isn’t as bad as it appears to be. But, irrational criticism is. I was trying to be balanced in my opinion, by watching all this pro as well as anti takes on the same topic. Looks like I am going to be biased just because one of the takes is too desperate to prove the other is wrong, instead of showing that they are right……

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  1. Wonderful post. In my own experience, I found very few people (and books) who try to see both sides of the coin with the same zeal.

    It is understandably difficult for anybody not to *lean* towards one side, but I believe one should at least be conscious of one’s own leanings. But, maybe, even that is too much to expect from a well-educated and well-informed person.

  2. Wow!!!!
    I am happy to see my creative and balanced reviewer back in action.

    Nice post….:)

    keep writing

  3. interesting post..

    But recently darwinism has been discredited, and the latest theories are more a fusion of darwinism and creationism! Maybe you can focus on them later.. (Its not just black and white, but grey too)

  4. >>But recently darwinism has been discredited, and the >>latest theories are more a fusion of darwinism and >>creationism!

    @Samuel: Huh? What ‘theories’ are a fusion of Darwinism and Creationism? Give me a break. Nothing personal against you, but you sound like one of those Creationist apologist nuts.

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