Revisiting Fountain Head…

Howard Roark has been entering and leaving my thoughts at his own will over the past fortnight. If I was not thinking about his character, someone else was reminding me of him. Finally, there came a weekend on which I picked up “The Fountain head” for a re-visit. I remember reading the novel for the first time in 2003. Back then, I liked it as a highly interesting novel. I liked Roark as a hero.  On a re-visit now, I still find it a must read, though from a different side. I am now enjoying it in a different way compared to the first experience.

I don’t know if age and mood has anything to do with the effect that a book can have on us. If they have, its certainly that effect that I am feeling at the moment. I am not exactly re-reading the whole novel, which is why I called it a re-visit. I am just randomly visiting pages and reading them. It now appears a more relevant read for me (perhaps, as I said, because of MOOD) and also demands a compulsive re-visit. It has remained an irresistable temptation for me for the past 2,3 days to open the book and randomly read. Perhaps, I saw more life in the middle and I understand the underlying things better now. Perhaps not.

The way I am seeing Roark has changed significantly between the two reads. I was like a Roark fan during the first read. But, as I thought more and more, I realized that I don’t like Roarkishness in humans as much as I did then.  I have been imagining a scenario in which say Roark has some family responsibilities or some kind of emergency because of which he has no option but to earn money. In this scenario, will it be good to shun those responsibilities and be what he is or compromise a bit and fulfil his duties? Such a question has been ringing in my mind since the past few days.  In that sense, now, I am a cautious fan of Roark. I am not totally in support of Roark now. Ofcourse, it doesn’t matter to the world! I know that! 😉

At any rate, its a wonderful novel. The dialogues are just amazing. I don’t know how many times I read and re-read some of them. Narration is amazing too. I somehow like it better now than at the first read. Perhaps, as I said before, I was in teens when I read it first. The world I saw in these five years might have made me see the other side.. I dunno.

More details on the book can be found by the links provided here.

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  1. It looks different when we see it from different views. The question of whether we can live 100% ethically always daunts me. It feels as if we are at a distinct disadvantage if we try to do that. When I read the Fountainhead three years ago, I too felt the way you felt, like we have to stay true to our values, we should never compromise them. But you raise a very pertinent question which makes us feel that when we have pressing needs, we may compromise but the truth is that we should not compromise. Ofcourse, this is possible only if we are above human emotions, telugulo cheppalante jithendriyidiki and sthithapragnudiki matrame sadhyamanipistundi endukante mamulu manishiki edo oka roju kachitanga ila vundi nenu emi sadhinchanu ane prashna vastundi …

  2. Ayina sadhyamainanta varaku ala undadaniki prayatnichali.. 🙂 meeremantaru?

  3. I strongly feel that our age and mood will have lot of impact on our impression on the book and it’s characters. Roark was an ideal hero who didn’t compromise with his philosophies for the pressing needs, అటువంటి వాడు మనకి నచ్చడం అనేది మన ఆలొచనా ధోరణి ని పట్టి మరుతూ ఉంటుంది అనడం లో ఎలాంటి సందేహం లేదు. మీరు చెప్పాక నాకూ మళ్ళీ ఒక సారి చదవాలనిపిస్తుంది.

  4. అప్పటికీ ఇప్పటికీ ఈ సమాజం Peter Keating కే పట్టంకడుతుందేతప్ప Howard Roark కికాదు. అతనొక aspirational hero, not a hero whom we can follow.వయసుకుతగ్గట్లు నవలమీదున్న impressions మారడం సహజం. మనజీవితనుభవాలనూ, మానసిక స్థితినీబట్టి కొత్తార్థాలు స్పురిస్తాయి,పాతఅర్థాలు హాస్యాస్పదంగా అనిపిస్తాయి.అదొక నిరంతరప్రక్రియేమోకదా!

  5. Howard Roark la undali antey mundhu manukantu ‘area of interest’, ‘Passion’ anedhi undali. adhey… ‘Kassi’ undaali, adhey lenappudu, entha Roark la undhamani prayatninchinaa kudharadhu.

    Idhi ‘naa sontha abhiprayam’ aa novel chadivaaka.

  6. నేను Fountain head ఇప్పటి దాక చదవలేదు. We the living, Atlas shrugged చదివడం పూర్తి అయ్యేటప్పటికి నేను Ayn Rand హీరోలకి వీరాభిమానిని అవ్వడము, వాళ్ళుండేది ఒక ఊహలోకమని కన్విన్స్ అయ్యిపోవడము రెండూ జరిగిపోయ్యాయి.

    నేను కూడా ఇలాగే అప్పుడప్పుడూ వీకెండ్ మొత్తం Of human bondage ‘re-reading’ లో గడిపేస్తూ ఉంటాను.

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