The Tipping Point

“The tipping point” by Malcolm Gladwell – I purchased this book, out of impulse, fresh from the effect of “Blink”, almost one year ago. That it took me one year to write a blog post on it does not in any way mean that this book did not interest me. Infact, I confess that this had a lot of influence on me and never did in recent past did I suggest people to read a book, as many times as I did for this. I even went to the extent of generously offering to keep the book at their disposal too 🙂

Well, this book is on – “how little things can make a big difference”, as the caption to the book indicates. It discusses about the “tipping point”, which is the exact point at which an idea or a fashion -crosses the limit, spreads rapidly everywhere and anywhere. It speaks about the contagiousness of certain notions.. perhaps, “stickiness” is the better word, to say in the author’s words. This book provides good case-studies to explain the same. I majorly enjoyed reading those case-studies. During the past one year, I remember reading most of those cases, more than once.  The simplicity in conveying the message is the best part of this book. I think, this book might be even more interesting to the business adminstration students, though, I believe, its equally “useful” for everyone, if the sole purpose of reading any book is that it should be “useful” to you.

I particularly liked the first three chapters – the three rules of epidemics, the law of the few and the stickiness factor. They more or less summarises the whole idea of tipping point. I must have read all the pages till here more than once….they still hold that charm in my case :). This book is one must-read book…it will surely provide you with a new outlook – at all the things you experience thereafter.

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  1. Apart from the ideas and concepts he presents in this book, two individual stories impressed/inspired me a lot. I forget the names now – but this man in colonial america who rides his horse all night spreading the news of advancing british troops so that the local militia could be ready. The other story is that of a sales agent (real estate? financial planner? something like that) who so genuinely loves his customers that it shines through. Gladwell makes the point that a lot of people have the same knowledge this sales agent has, but they do not think of employing it for the help of their customers.

    Actually, Sowmya, I hope you can write a little deeper review of this book rather than the brief synopsis presented here.

  2. From your review, it reminds of the well-known adage, the straw that broke the back of the camel. It can be big or small, there is always a piece that finally breaks one’s back or tips the balance in this case.


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  5. hey that’s a quick nice review… i stumbled on ur page and got to know abt this book. i m reading it now.. it’s a interesting book… 🙂

  6. the review the book is good and i want it from u
    thanks for intraducing sucha great book
    tell some thing abt the writer
    actually i have searched for my friends blog accedentally i come to u any way all the best to u

  7. its impressive

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