Adventures in Antarctica

“Adventures in Antarctica” is a sort of travelogue book, written by the brother-sister duo of Suravi and Rishi Thomas, aged 16 and 13 respectively, at the time when the book was released. I just browsed through the book for sometime, sitting in the library. I should say, its a delightful read. Despite it being written by non-professional people, and by kids in particular, it was very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed whatever time I spent on this book.

The book is essentially about the kids’ trip to Antarctica and their experiences there. It has some very nice photographs too. Best part of the book is that its priced at 195 only. Under normal circumstances, I would have said even that as an atrocious price. But, given the paper quality and the number of photographs provided, I think the book gives value to your money. Compared to many of those books, which are normal in style and content but priced at exorbitant prices, just because it was written by some celebrity, I think this is an “evenly priced” book 🙂

I wish the teenagers all the very best in their future efforts 🙂 I liked the book and will keep liking it too 🙂

Details:  Adventures in Antarctica, Author: Thomas, Suravi & Thomas, Rishi.
ISBN : 0143330284
Publishers: Puffin Books (I don’t know if alternative publishers exist. I read this edition)

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  1. ఇలా ప్రక్కకు తిఱిగి, మళ్ళీ చూసేసరికి మీరో టపా వేసేసి వుంటారు… 🙂
    పేర్లు వింటుంటే వ్రాసింది మలయాళీ పిల్లల్లాగున్నారే?

  2. authorised dealer in new delhi? address?

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