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                 Today, I was browsing through this old book, which I keep by side and scribble down some lines which I like when I read some books. As I glanced through it, I realised that I never completed several of the books lines from which I wrote in that book. That is not because the book was not interesting in all cases. Sometimes, it was because I have to part with the book. Sometimes it is because I did not feel like reading it. Sometimes, it just skipped my notice. Sometimes, purely lethargy. This post is dedicated to such books. And, ofcourse, I will try to give an introduction about these books.

“The Middle Passage” by V.S.Naipaul – I felt it was a very well written travelogue kind of book. It talked about Naipaul’s travels and experiences across the Caribbean. It had its own tinge of historical stories about various places too.  I don’t know why I never completed it, but I remember returning it to the library half heartedly.

“Writing Short stories” by Alisia Cox is one book which I took just because it amused me. I didn’t understand how one can “learn” writing short stories, by reading essays on it. However, once I browsed through the book,  I understood. It lets us try out various styles of writing and also presents case-studies of various writing styles and various authors. Its in a way very much useful for wanna-be story writers, was what I felt, as I browsed through it. However, this is out of purely lethargy to try all those exercises that I did not continue further with this book.

“కొకు సాహిత్య వ్యాసాలు” -a collection of essays by Kodavatiganti Kutumbarao is one of the excellent books that I came across. However, for the sheer quantity of essays, I was unable to continue it. Such a kind of books can’t be lent and read. They should be your personal copies. Its a sort of encyclopedia, in my opinion. “ఇల్లాలి ముచ్చట్లు” by పురాణం సీత is another such book, which cannot be read at one go. It is to be kept with us, read occassionally, for passing off our time in a enjoyable vien.

“Where on earth  am I? – Confusions of a travelling man” by Jug Suraiya is another travelogue, again. Personally, I liked this book very much. Jug has this wonderful style of writing travel experiences, was what I realised. I never followed his columns in Times of India except for for occassional glances. But, whatever he wrote – I liked all those essays a lot. He made me feel as if I visited Czech or Tibet or Greece or Kenya or Ireland or Brazil or Argentina or whichever place he wrote about in the book. I liked the humor too.  Why I stopped reading this? no reason. There was a break. I lost track! 😦

“Seven nobel laureates on science & spirituality” , edited by T.D.Singh is one book which had some really interesting essays by eminent scientists. However, they required a high deal of concentration to understand, which I was not prepared to put in. So, I had no option but to stop after two essays.

“Three Chinese poets” by Vikram Seth is a small book. But, I cannot somehow read neither English poetry nor translations of non-english poems to English. So … 🙂

“My name is red” by Orhan Pamuk – I did not like the way it began. However, after Pamuk’s Nobel Prize, I want to give it a second try.

– 🙂  This is the list in the past 1 year. What can I do, but leave a small “hmmm” and take a deep breath after looking at the list now?? Perhaps,  I will do the same when I re-visit these blog posts one of those years when I become busy in future, after becoming a – “ex-student” 🙂

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  1. Here’s my sample.
    Omnivore’s dilemma – I borrowed this twice and returned it unread; The reason might be a hangover from ‘Fastfood nation’.
    Clockwork orange, Dances with wolves – The DVDs I borrowed at least 5 times each, but never watched them.

    As i said this is just a sample..

  2. U read really hi-fi books kada. WOnder how u have so much patience. To sit down and understand each of them. Letters to a daughter froma fther.. asalu How could Indira Gandhi understand them at such a small age? I cant understand most of them till now. 😦

  3. Oh !! U put commenting under moderation aa.. why so?

  4. “Perhaps, I will do the same when I re-visit these blog posts one of those years when I become busy in future, after becoming a – “ex-student” ”
    – Oh yes! I did it! I did it almost 3yrs after writing this post myself!!

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