On Cheeni kum

I first listened to the songs of “Cheeni Kum” and stuck to them. Then, having had the chance to see the movie since long time and not using it, I finally saw the movie yesterday. Looks like I have become a fan of the Movie and Zohra Sehgal after that! Its a nice movie to watch. “Clean” too. Everybody performed very well. The small little “sexy” was brilliant. It was played by this tiny little girl Swini Khara. She was extremely at ease. With a towering AB beside her, I should say she is cool personality too. I say this because, I heard people often saying in interviews that they feel tense when they act with thespians and stalwarts. There was Zohra Sehgal, whom I may worship as a goddess of energy from now on. She is the grand-old lady of present Hindi cinema perhaps, with her acting career beginning in 1946! With all her lively chats and vibrant on-screen presence in the movie, who would have imagined that she is 95 year old young woman?? She even tried dancing in the movie! She sung. She displayed every emotion. She was full of life. Swini khara and apna Zohra ji are certainly “THE” assets of the film, though I liked Amitabh,Tabu and Paresh Rawal equally. I never saw any Amitabh Starrer movie properly –  especially his movie post-hero hood. I never knew he is such a brilliant performer. No wonder he is still reigning. His deadpan humor, his irritable temper, his timely quips with the rest of the characters – all are enjoyable. But, this Amitabh who irritates people is irritated by none-other than Paresh Rawal. Its Laughter unbound  hearing their conversations or rather Paresh Rawal’s dialogues to AB.

Some dialogues, which I can think of off-hand now are:
AB:kyu itna bura hu main?
SK:nai nai..baki log bahut acce hai.. bas.
SK with AB: ek minute ka kaam..kitne din me hogaa??
SK with AB: Tum meri time mat waste kar. jaake… (Tabu) ka time waste kar (there is some petname for Tabu in the movie.. forgot…. something like.some Kebab.)
Tabu’s philosophical discourse to AB, who is depressed after “sexy”‘s death:
“e aasu hain na..o pyar ko kam kar dete hain. bataavu kaise?
hum rote kyu hain? kyu ke man bhari hai.
man bhari kyu hain? kyu ki ye pyar se bhara hai.
rote rote kya hota hai?  man dheere dheere halka hone lagta hai
kyu dhire dhire halka hone lagta hai man? kyu ki dil me jo pyar bhara hai, o dhere dheere ansu banke bahar bah nikalta hai.
sexy ke liye jo itna sara pyar he tumhara dil me… kyu ro ro ke use khatam karna chahte ho?”
Zohra Sehgal’s style of saying – “HalOOO”

Ofcourse, I felt there could have been a better way of expressing Amitabh’s grief on sexy’s death rather than that same Kutub and Pillar scene. Certain discussions on age and marriage are some food for thought for those who care. And yeah… I did not talk about music.. only because it is by Illayaraja and so, there is no need to mention specially that it is good. Shreya Ghosal rox. I have been listening to these songs for such a long time now… it has almost became my daily routine.

On the whole, its a perfectly watchable movie. It can be watched again just for the individual performances. Its like – every main character performed well in the movie. The story is also fine. Music is good. Dialogues are good. Even the senti-part of the movie has some amount of satire and humor in it. What more does one need to get good watching experience?

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  1. The songs are good, but recycled versions of old hits, not that there’s anything wrong with that..

    Baatein hawaa’s original is here

    Cheeni Kum is a SPB song, can’t find link right now..

  2. You make me long for it…

  3. Baatein hawaan is a re-engineered version of Kuzhal oothum kannan. It sounds very refreshing

  4. I happened to watch this movie yesterday. Its nice reading your review again now. Here are my views about the movie:
    1. Ilairaja: I haven’t keenly listened to the background score but it is evident that Ilairaja is a master who knows where to let silence rule and where to start music.
    2. Story & Script: The uniqueness lies both in choosing a serious story and telling it in a humorous way. All characters are given a role suitable to their age and that made things very natural.

    Overally it is a nice movie but most people might find it a bit dragging. This is possibly the reason why it is not very successful.

  5. చాలా సంవత్సరాల తర్వాత అమితాబ్ కాళ్ళల్లో యక్షన్ చూసాను. నిజంగా ఆ పాత్రలో జీవించాడు.

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