Ray-Gopa Majumdar, Bankim Chandra’s first novel – My 100th POST!

Incidentally, this happens to be the 100th post of this blog. And yeah, I have several interesting things to say in this post….


Well, today I went to library at around 7 P.M. and came across this book called – “Incident on the kalka mail” by Satyajit Ray. It was gripping enough. Its small size is definitely a plus point to it. It is one of the Feluda adventures. It lasted only for around 90 pages. Perhaps, that was one reason why it was able to keep me glued. It becomes difficult for a reader to be glued to a novel as its size increases, in my view. Story .. Feluda comes across this strange case of exchanged attache cases. Though it appears as if there is nothing in the case, the events that follow prove that there is something intriguing about the case. Towards the end, Feluda, with his natural brilliance completes the case. All the while, everything in the novel is impressive. Be it the descriptions or the handling of the plot – Ray is superb. Incidentally, even this novel is translated by Gopa Majumdar, who translated all those Satyajit Ray’s works which I read before and also Aparajito by Bibuthibhushan Bandopadhyay. Among others, she translated Ashapurna devi’s Subarna latha and Rest of Satyajit ray’s works.

I came across this book – “Rajmohan’s wife” by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee a few minutes back. Remarkably enough, it seems this is the first ever English novel, written by an Indian. Incidentally, this is the only novel written by Bankim Chandra chatterjee in English. Later on, he went on to write Durgesh Nandini, Anand Math (about which I blogged here) etc etc … and became synonymous with Bengali literature. It was serialised in a magazine and took nearly 130 years to become published as a book. The story behind obtaining all the parts of the serialised version of this novel, to publish it as a book – is extremely interesting. It was mentioned in the book’s foreword. So, the great Bankim ji started his literary career with an English book! I did not read the book yet, though.

Sitting in a library on a summer evening, during sun-set time is a bliss. Not much crowd over there. Silent environs. Books..books..and books all around. I would love to spend my life 24*7 at such a place! Alas, I am not born for that! I have some other works too … So, its only a distant dream!! I always felt some kind of excitement when I was among books, since childhood. However, today, I felt it even more, perhaps because of the eternal silence and loneliness around me when I was moving in the library.

PS: Yeah… some of you might have been angry for not writing the Satapostotsavam post in telugu…But, nevertheless, this is how my blogging saga began… I should not forget my blogging roots..right? 🙂

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  1. అభినందనలు. శతటపోత్సవం అనొచ్చుగా, అంత కష్టపడకపోతే.

  2. CONGRATS for your 100th blog… :).
    I have always found your blogs interesting to read
    because of your writing style and the minute details
    which you never forget to write about the books or any
    other topics.

    Keep it up….Congrats again!!!

  3. 24*7 in a library?
    I mean .. like… in a library?

    I have to confess though that I too get some kind of book high depending on the place I am. But from technical libraries, like the one I am in right now, I get book low.

  4. Congrats on the శతటపోత్సవం

  5. Congrats on the 100th post.

    I share the same feelings as you do, spending time in a library, with a regular supply of hot chocolate coffee. I can almost smell the aroma of the leather chairs and the wooden tables, and chocolate coffee ofcourse. Sigh…

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