The Good, the bad and the ugly

Well, this is one movie which caught my fantasy for the past 24 hours. I have been thinking about this movie and its characters, especially TUCO throughout, since yesterday. The Good,the bad and the ugly is a 1966 movie, starring Clint Eastwood as GOOD, Elli Wallach as the UGLY and Lee van cleef as BAD. The original Italian movie is called: Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo. A literal translation of this title gives: The good, the ugly and the bad. This was the movie in which the original cowboy soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, first appeared.

In brief, this is the story of three men, in search of a fortune, buried in a grave at a graveyard. Each of them knows only a piece of information about the fortune.. and none, in total. So, they have no option but to collaborate with each other in their common-mission. Thats all… there ends the story. But, what makes this movie a classic and one of the Time magazine’s 100 greatest movies of the last century is, in my opinion – an amazing screenplay, the main trio (especially Elli Wallach) and a wonderful picturisation.

The first 10 minutes of the movie appeared to have stretched till around half an hour for me 🙂 . It was incredibly slow. Further, added to this, there were no dialogues. Since I did not know anything about the movie before watching it, I thought perhaps, it is a silent film 🙂 . However, both these silence and slowness were brilliantly used by the director, as and when the situation demanded, making the movie very much gripping till the end. All shots of this kind are brilliant. Everything goes on slowly. Every movement of every single character in the frame, shot to the detail. Suddenly, some thing happens, for which you are waiting with bated breath all the while, knowing only that something is going to happen, having no idea about what it is!

Out of the three artists, I liked Elli Wallach as TUCO, the ugly very much. He was simply superb in his performance. His action is unparelleled. I doubt if any other actor, had he been offered, would have done justice to the role as much as Wallach did. He was just amazing. Wonderfully comic at times. Cruel enough at times. Brave enough at times. He did everything in the movie. My next favourite is : Lee Van Cleef as AngelEyes, the BAD. He was an epitome of a true BAD guy. Perfect diction for a bad guy 🙂 . His looks, they were terrifying. He was very commanding as a villian. Then, it was Clint Eastwood as GOOD. It seems, he has no name in this trilogy of movies: A fist full of dollars, For a few dollars more and the present movie. Everything was brilliantly made, though there still are some glitches. For example, I still wonder how the horses which carried all dead men and Bill Carson survived through the desert, when Tuco founded them.

The scenes I liked : Well, climax, firstly. Next, Tuco shooting the one-armed bounty hunter and finally commenting: “When you have to shoot, just shoot. Don’t talk”. Third – Clint Eastwood’s style. Above all these, I loved Tuco’s performance and the background music. Did anybody count the number of times this “oooooo” cowboy music. I was whistling the tune all through my around 15 km drive in the morning today. It made me even forget the “indiana jones” tune, which fascinated me for the past 4,5 days.

Final judgement : Its a movie worth watching. Watch it for the feel of the original Ennio Morricone score, for Tuco, for the brilliance of screenplay and in brief – for everything about it!

Want some dialogues? See here.

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  1. I was about to write a post abt this … now i’m gonna back off … any way great review ..

    first of all — CLINT EASTWOOD ROCKZ …. Spaghetti Westerns … he is the king of this genre … No second thoughts … I wrote a post abt him …(

    this is actually the finale of the sequel DOLLARS TRIOLOGY (wiki —

    You would like this flick pretty more after watching the earlier two …

    and of the three chars in film even my fav was TUCO … remember his dialogue , the one he says with dying guy in charriot …

    “Don’t die, I’ll get you water. Stay there. Don’t die until later.”

    ఇది చాలు అతని కారెక్టర్ డిఫైన్ చెయ్యడానికి …

    NO one should even dare to miss this movie …. one of the greatest of all time …

    once again thanks for the post …

  2. A classic.One of my all time favorites.A well written review.

  3. i watched this movie umpteen times.i read about the same umpteen times too.right from ‘mosagallaku mosagadu’ i never miss a chance to watch ‘ cowboy’cinema.ఇహ పోతే ఈ రచన ను తెలుగు లో చదవాలని నా కోరిక సౌమ్య గారు.ఇంకొంచెం వివరంగా తెలుగు లో రాయగలరా?

  4. This is the best theme music I ever heard

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