bits from the KURAL : eye catchers of today

I am not sure if exam effect has anything to do with this. But, I sighted a book : “The Kural” by the great Tamil saint Tiruvalluvar. No … I am not turning philosophical or anything of that sort. I am just the same old me … trying whatever I can try :). So … as I glanced through a few pages, I found some really funny couplets in the process … Might write about this book in detail some time later … But, nevertheless, these are some which are the eye-catchers of the day.

“Rumours revive hopes – those that spread them
Luckily don’t know this”

“Thanks to these people’s senseless talk
My darling is now mine.”

“The village gossip manures my love
andmy mother’s reproaches water it.”

“This village talk is what we wanted –
It is now up to my lover”

“Will that hunger come again?”, wails poverty,
“which almost killed me yesterday?”

“sweet indeed is a fool’s friendship-
for when it breaks, there is no pain”

“favouring fate induces energy,
depriving fate, inertia”

– These are what that I liked as I glanced through the book today. Well, I thought it is a serious, preachy kind of book. Yeah, it is. But, there are some like the first three couplets on rumours, which are comic enough. Tiruvalluvar has a considerable sense of humor I guess!

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  1. “favouring fate induces energy,
    depriving fate, inertia”

    I liked this one. Where and how do you come across all such good books?

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