Hmm… blogging in English after quite a long time I guess. If I remember well, my last English post should have been around 10-12 posts back. A rough statistic can be only 5-6 out of my past 20 posts are in English. I realised the injustice done to English in my blog 🙂 Anyways, it is now about a Tamil movie, Vettaiyaadu, Vilayaadu which I happened to see yesterday. As a policy, I blog about the movie in the very language I saw it. But, since I can’t write Tamil beyond small small words, I have no choice left but to blog about it in English. Well, feelings are beyond language and language is only a platform to express them… Enough of these circumlocutions and vague ramblings. Enter the dragon…

Vettaiyaadu..Vilayaadu is a Kamal Hasan starrer Gautham Menon movie released in 2006. It created considerable interest in me, for quite sometime … for reasons unknown. Ever since I knew that Kamal Hasan plays the super-cop, I imagined a Drohi-2 kind of experience. For those who haven’t heard of it, Drohi is a Telugu dubbed version of Kuruthipunal , a P.C.Sriram movie, about two sincere police officers. I must have seen Drohi some 7-8 years back. I am longing to see it again ever since. So, seeing Kamal as cop again brought me back those memories. However, I realised in no time that – this is not drohi-2. It is a sort of Kaaka Kaaka -2 🙂 Again, Kaaka Kaaka was a Gautham movie, remade in to Telugu as Gharshana, starring Venkatesh. Perhaps, this is the Gautham Menon style of making a cop-movie.

Anyways, it is a thoroughly gripping narrative, serious to the core. Very few “no-comedy” movies did I watch so attentively as Vettaiyaadu,Vilayaadu. As per the story, “this is just another episode in a police officer’s life” – in the words of the Director. All those murders which we see in “real story” crime columns of magazines come to life here(Strange… murder, when it comes to life, takes life out of somebody! 😦 ). For the first time in all these days since she arrived in to tinseltown, I liked Jyotika in this movie. Somehow, she never appeared good in any of the movies for me. But, it was a different story here. The film had some nice photography. It also had a considerably good music by Harris Jayaraj. Especially, I liked the song – “Paartha mudal naal…”. Kamal Hasan was damn serious. Even amidst this seriousness, there were one or two instances, where he will make us laugh. For instance, when he proposed to Kamalini Mukherjee. The villians appeared cruel enough. One thing I like positively in this kind of movies is that – the super-cop is not a super-human person. Even he gets injured seriously. Even he joins in hospital with fractures. It is not the Vijayakanth or Rajanikanth way. It is perhaps – the human being way.

Coming to a few glitches. First of all, I think the motive for serial murders is not well established in the story. Secondly, there are certain incidents which appear rather strange. Especially, I think the killers escaped rather too easily at some places. Was it an intentional attempt to potray the flaws in the police methodology or something else? Violence … yeah, it is a cop’s story. So, violence should be expected. The killers use surgical instruments to kill their prey. So, violence is expected…

Barring these few exceptions, the movie was gripping enough. Never did I watch a movie continuously in the recent past, without taking a few breaks. Kamal Hasan performed very well, as usual. A final word from me – it is a movie worth watching. Songs demand several listenings 🙂 Both the movie and music are typically Gautham-Harris Jayaraj combo style. But, still, they are different – perhaps because of Kamal Hasan. Perhaps, because of Kamalini Mukherjee. Even Jyotika appeared different for me in this movie.

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  1. Yep !!

    It’s more a Kaka kaka sequel than Drohi and of course

    worth watching if u have a strong heart to all those

    sickening killings !!

    GAUTAM seems to be adopting Quentin Tarantino’s flesh

    n’ blood mayhem !!

  2. You guys pulled me into this totally. I’m already a fan of the music, even though I don’t listen to tamil music usually. Thanks Sowmya and Krish for giving an insight into this movie. I don’t remember watching a tamil movie other than kakha kakha (‘course with subtitles).

  3. The review is interesting. So what does the title mean?
    And also, about your comment–I think the killers escaped rather too easily at some places–that is the way it is in all movies, TV shows, and even made-for-cops movies. 🙂


  4. I watched the movie two weeks before you did. I felt sad to learn that it didn’t do well in Tamilnadu. Kamal is irreplaceable.

  5. Was it dubbed into Telugu? If so what is the name and when was it released in Andhra Pradesh? What is the meaning of film’s title?

  6. @Rao garu:
    Yes, it was dubbed in to telugu. The telugu title is: “Maghadheera”. “Vettayaadu Vilayaadu” – means… in telugu, “vetaadu..aataadu” as far as I can perceive.

    “Despite a considerable delay in its release, the movie took the biggest ever opening in Tamil cinema history.”
    “However,the film has been declared a super hit of recent times. ”
    “The film emerged as the number 1 biggest grosser of 2006”
    “This is the biggest hit in Kamal’s career”
    “The film grossed Rs.4 million in UK”
    – All these are wiki quotes, with some referances provided for facts. So, I don’t think it did not do well in TN…..

  7. @ RA NA RE

    sowmya garu cheppindi correct this was one of the

    biggest hits in Tamil industry , official collection 50

    crores cross chesai !! this was the second highest

    grosser in tamil after Ajith’s VARALAARU in 2006 !!

    @ C B RAO garu

    abt the title IMDB gives Hunt and Play as the

    “informal literal translation”. Wonder if that’s
    right…haven’t been able to find any other reference.

    deeni telugu lo MAGA DHEERA ga dub chestam annaru

    emayyindo teleedu !!

  8. Looks like the title of the movie in telugu is changed to : vetaadu, ventaadu. Source:
    About the release, I think it is released. Isn’t it?

  9. @ vbsowmya

    Nope , inka kaaledu naku telisi !!

    meeru ichhina link lo font sarigga kanipoinchatledu !! 😦

    ayinaa MAGADHEERA ne bavundhi vetaadu, ventaadu assalu baledu !!

  10. The movie sure was gripping,

    but I think it is just because of the shady hipnotising cinematography.

    I saw the movie, it was gripping as long as it lasted, but once it ended and I reflected on it, I felt yuckky.

    Gautham Menon cheated me. We have seen enough of these movies anyway.

  11. “Vettayadu..Vilayadu” means “Hunt and Play” in English. I am from Tamil Nadu. 🙂

  12. Thank you guys..I got the meaning for Vettayudu Vilayudu.
    Congrats to the blogger..This is the first link in Google while searching the meaning.


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