Night at the musuem

I longed to see “night at the musuem” ever since I knew that such a kind of movie is being made. It has been one of my random thoughts – wondering what happens if all musuem exhibits come to life every night. When I went to Salarjung musuem, I was lost in this kind of thoughts only, and got this doubt: What does that statue, which shows an emperor on one side and a maid-servant on the back side – turn in to? emperor or servant? 🙂 So, the makers also got the same idea as me, and took a film before me! 😉

Anyways, this is a sort of “dream-come-true” for me in a more literal sense. 🙂 Movie was good. I enjoyed most of it. One disclaimer for those people who are about to see the movie is: logic and reasoning are to be forgotten before watching it. Actually, certain kind of movies are to be watched purely for fun and sometimes, to see our fantasies shared internationally 🙂 Well, from all what I said, theme of the movie must have been obvious to the readers. Yes, it is about history coming alive during night time, in a musuem.

Good picturisation. I couldn’t resist laughter most of the time. At the some time, “what-happens-next?” kind of feeling also comes in and has a peep in to our mind. The fellow who played the musuem’s head was the funniest of the lot. Though he speaks seriously all the time, i was unable to resist laughter looking at this expressions. Then, these musuem specimen, which came to life…. funny. Some of the scenes evoked such a laughter that, I still laugh as I write this now.

I strongly recommend this movie. Good deal of comic ideas and good picturisation. The hero also did well. I don’t mind watching it again. Though I can now take pride in the feeling that people made my idea in to a film (although they don’t know that its my idea) , I din’t imagine this kind of thing about – “night-at-the-musuem” when I thought about it. In that way, their implementation was different from mine. Let me say in OOPS concepts terms: “Night at the musuem” is an abstract class. Hollywood implemented it one way. Sowma’s implementation is different. 😉

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  1. I happened to watch the Telugu version of this movie in Nartaki theatre of Nellore. It was even more enjoyable in Telugu. One of the characters spoke Nellore Telugu and had the viewers in splits. 🙂

  2. “Night at the Museum is an abstract class”… geek
    “logic and reasoning are to be forgotten before watching it” …. geek warning 🙂
    Take a course in psychology or in one of the arts, before all the ECE and CS kill your ‘openness to experiecne’ . Given your interest in Languages etc. you will enjoy it. 🙂

    Awesome movie btw. Did I see it twice or thrice?
    And Ricky Geravis is supposed to be funny as the Museum director. See ‘the office’ on BBC to know his full potential. 🙂

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