These days, I feel I am not blogging about books the way I used to….after the advent of At Random, all my random thoughts got life! 🙂

Well, this time, the book is Srikanta, by Sarath Chandra Chattopadhyay, better known as Sarath to Bengalis and non-bengalis alike, which shows his timeless popularity. Srikanta is in many ways, a significant novel of Sarath’s writings, and it is believed to be autobiographical. I think one novel or the other of these classical authors is an autobiographical account of their life….. Ok, coming to the point……
Srikanto, (4 parts, 1917, 1918, 1927, 1933) – is the wiki entry for this novel. Yeah..of the 5 Sarath novels I have read(including a small one I read today), this is the biggest in size. A thoroughly gripping novel I should say. Not at a single place did it gave a feeling like – “chalo, lets putdown and sleep”. 😉 Srikanta is the hero of the novel, basically good but inefficient young lad.

Novel proceeds in first person narrative, from Srikanta’s side. It is about Srikanta and the ladies in his life. First there is : Annada Di, Pyari aka Rajeswari, then, Abhaya and finally, Kamal Latha, theVaishnavi. It appears strange that all these ladies, strong-willed and efficient enough in several ways, get attracted to Srikanta, developing an affectionate relationship with him, despite all his behavioral flaws.

Its a long time since I began this review. Atlast, I am about to complete it. From page one till the end, Srikanta rox. One of those un-putdownable kind of books. However, I still don’t understand how and why Srikanta attracted so many ladies…. 😉 I prefer to call it irony… 🙂 Srikanta is a must read book. Take my word. It may not be thrilling. Yet, it has the potential to be one of the most interesting books……

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  1. I have seen Annapoorna, lots of times, in lots of places, in lots of families. Women…, mothers, sisters, daughters that sacrifice everything, give up anything, not only their worldly material positions, but even their dignity, their life for the people they consider family, for their husbands, for their sons, daughters and parents. I know, I saw and I can not pay back even a smallest portion of their sacrifice with all my worldly possessions. I feel blessed that the women in so many ways, in so many incarnations as mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and in all other forms and relations blessed our life.

    Abhaya, seen her too. Confident and assertive, knowledge and logic to separate right from wrong, courage to follow the right with out much concern for the shallow, pretentious society. No hypocrisy, no face masks. What you see is the woman that is free, independent and natural as nature itself.

    Kamalalatha, Kamalalatha, a tear in your eyes, a memory that you want to forget but can not forget, a cut in your hart that never heals. Kamalalatha you want to know her, you knew her, but she remains a dream that makes you immensely happy and agonizingly sad.

    Finally Rajyalakshmi, do not know her, yet so intently know her. So much of a fantasy that she mesmerizes you so much, that you think she is real. So much love, so much of craving to get out of that love. A continuous, never ending struggle for what you want and what you do not want to want. A fantasy, a surreal experience, that is what that you can have and you can never really have. An aggregation, a summation of all that is desirable.

    What better praNaam to a mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend then a writer that can understand, experience and depict women in so many ways as Sarat.


  2. pl. send bengali episode of Srinath Bahurupi from srikant-Sarat ch.

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