Wine – does it rock?

Today, I discovered Wine (which I was forced to install as a dependency to some other software). I don’t know how Wine-the drink tastes. But, I can surely say: the idea behind wine rox. I atlast found a way of using those windows, which I love a lot, on linux. I actually began this post with the title: Wine rox. But, seeing all those windows applications failing to work despite Wine, I am now getting this doubt: Does this WINE rock? Whatever I tried … either failed to install properly or behaving wierdly! 😦

Either something is wrong with my understanding or with wine itself. I think the first one is true. Whatever it is, the joy of discovering wine is so short lived that…. I can’t say anything more!

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  1. Wine doesn’t support every app yet. It
    relies on users to report problems so we can fix them.

    You should post questions about wine
    to the wine-users mailing list; see

    Be sure to mention which version of wine you’re
    using, the name and version of the windows app,
    and describe what’s going wrong.

  2. Yeah a lot of them might not work because there are far too many dll dependencies and path dependencies.

    Still there are a few which work well.

    People were able to run ie on Linux as well using this

  3. for many of the softwares, you will have to run the setup once again so that the required registry entries are updated again in the registry which is maintained by wine.

  4. The only wine I know sure rocks when drunk in small sips with dinner 🙂 It rocks harder if you are on a date 🙂

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