Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

I saw this extremely touching movie today, and can’t help blogging about it now. It is a 1989 Italian movie, by Giuseppe Tornatore. A good blend of everything, I should say : comedy, sentiment, passion, philosophy .. what not… it’s a tale that teaches us a lot about life.

The story begins with the star director Salvatore getting a call from his mom saying that -his friend, philosopher, guide and a father figure – Alfredo is dead. So, Salvatore alias Toto remembers his flashback, which is presented to us as the movie. Here begins the journey in to the life and passion of Toto, whom we see as a kid, young man and a middle-aged person in the movie, played by three artists of course… 🙂 Toto is a lovable kid – mischievous, amusing, inquisitive, caring and very much interesting kid. I liked him outright … every movement of his. There is yet another lovable character : Alfredo, the projectionist in the Cinema paradiso, the movie theatre where all the story of Toto’s passion began.

The then society, people’s response to movies, the way they watch them etc are well portrayed. Different personalities are characterized perfectly. The scenes in which Alfredo teaches Toto, both about film making, projection as well as on life are worth watching. Good dialogues between Alfredo and Toto. The movie can be watched once more just to see Toto’s childhood antics once more. The kid Salvatore Cascio, was not just cute, he performed very well. You laugh with him, cry with him. Personally, I became attached to Alfredo and child Toto by the time the movie ended 🙂 .

It’s a celebration of life, I should say. I have heard that his teenage Love Elena meets him in the end in the full version of the movie, though, in this version, she doesn’t . It takes us with it, and makes us feel as if we are in the journey of Toto’s life, as an invisible person mutely watching Toto and Alfredo and others moving about, talking, laughing, working and crying. Its an extremely watchable movie…. Take my word…. 🙂

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  1. Well well well ….. Tornatore is one of the best directors out there, sicilians are known for there pungent commitment , NCP has always been on fav list …

    do try watchin his other flicks

    Sconosciuta, La


    But my all time fav Italian movie

    will be 8 1/2 ….

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