To Catch a thief (1955)

To Catch a Thief is a 1955 movie by Alfred Hitchcock. My second Hitchcockian movie, and again, I liked it. Cary Grant plays the lead role. There was good deal of thrill element, witty dialogues, comedy, satire and romance – all given due importance.

To tell about the story in brief, John Robie is a former jewel thief …. but now, retired from that “profession”. But, a series of robberies, in typical “cat” style, as John is known, make the police suspect John. So, the rest of the story is the attempt of John to prove his innocence and catch the actual culprit. He takes the help of Hughson, an insurance agent, to find out the actual thief. For this, he obtains the list of people who have the most expensive jewels. The first of them … a mother and daughter pair…. Jessie and Francie Stevens. Francie suspects John, but loves him nevertheless. Jessie’s jewels are stolen one night, and Francie suspects John. However, after some incidents that follow, she realises its not him. The rest of the story is how John finds out who is the real thief, with the help of Hughson, Jessie and Francie.

What I liked the most were the dialogues. The car chase sequence was very gripping. I imagined myself to be in the car and experienced all the twists and turns that the car took as if I myself was in it! 🙂 Photography was too good. The suspense element was good enough to keep me away from restlessness for the whole of the movie. Hitchcock has this habit of doing a cameo in all his movies. I read online that – Hitchcock is the person beside Cary Grant, in the bus, in the scene jus 10 min after the movie starts. Should try to find him out from now on.

Whoever wrote them, i liked the dialogues in both the Hitchcockian movies I saw ……. Some of the good dialogues in this movie are here. ( i wrote a better article…. but, forgot to save it…. so, it ended this way…. 😦 )

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