Animal Farm

I was reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm the other day. It is known as a kind of satire on some of the Communist leaders, who acted completely against the basic tenets of Communism. When I read it, I liked it. But, I was unable to draw parellels between the lead characters of the novel and the lead characters in real life – the then politicians, except one or two characters. However, it was only on reading a few online articles on the book, that I got an actual complete picture of what George Orwell intended to say.

Well, its a great novel, I should say, now that I know better about the characters. Good picturisation. It covered almost every part of the then Russian society… the rich, the poor, the good, the bad, the ignorant, the innocent…. everybody. It portayed to perfection – how the ideologies with which the Animal Farm was formed were gradually buried one by one. The way Squealer made the innocent citizen-animals believe that nothing is wrong, when infact every thing is – was greatly touching. Boxer was an inspiring character …. sans that ignorance. Snowball was inspiring too, until he was igominiously driven out of the farm and his name was spoilt.

Orwell taught a lot of history for me. As I said in one of my previous posts , an unconventional way of teaching History is always a good way to keep History living more actively than it is when taught conventionally. (wht a sentence! 🙂 ) This is one of those unconventional ways of teaching History, and I am a student who loves these kinds of History lectures. Orwell must have rocked the world, and Stalin in particular, when this book was published – I guess 😉 .

To all the readers of this article, I suggest u read Animal Farm. After reading the book, read about it here, here and lotsa other places 🙂 . Here’s the e-book version of the book.

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  1. Hello! Didnt notice that you wrote in English too.I see this is all Halley 😉 style ..though surely more organised and graceful

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