Bikhare bimb & Arundathi Nag

Last friday, I happened to see a play directed by Girish Karnad, the renowned author and actor. This is the first play I have ever seen and I was all excited the whole day, for the 1.5 hour drama, which I will view only in the night ! 🙂 . Even after going there, I didn’t seriously think anything about Arundathi Nag as such. Till the play began, I am all ears to hear Girish Karnad ji and to have look at him. I managed to do both, since he came over to the stage and gave an introductory speech, before dissappearing, not to be seen again. Arundathi Nag is the wife of Sankar Nag – is the way I knew her till I saw this play. Arundathi Nag – the one who built Ranga Sankara, and a brilliant actress : is the way I know her now. I am her fan, with only a single play !

The play began with Arundathi entering the stage. Seriously speaking, I didn’t understand if the first few minutes are a part of the play or not. She appeared to speak to the camera man here, whereas she was actually speaking as a character in the play !! Later, after that I got my real shock. Mrs Nag is a novelist in the play. The scene is that – she is giving a speech, which is live telecast in some TV channel. She is speaking here, and the same thing comes in the TV screen in the background. Well, there are actually some minor differences between her presence here and in TV, but I never imagined that that was a pre-recorded one, until the speech ended and the other part began!! There was a perfect sync between the video and her expressions live, that I could hardly make out until the speech ended and the next part began.

The rest of the play is a sort of conversation between Arundathi Nag and her “inner self”. This is obviously pre-recorded since there is only one Arundathi Nag on earth 🙂 . Still, the synchronisation between Arundathi Nag, the person and Arundathi Nag, the TV character is amazing. Her expressions, both live and recorded were just perfect. Especially, the comedy element that was seen throughout was very nice. The sudden out bursts of anger and anguish – tend to appear melo-dramatic, but still, full of life.

What a performance it was! Arundathi Nag and her good Hindi, her ability to perform all the nava-rasas to perfection ….. Arundathi Nag rox 🙂 Looks like, these days, somebody or the other appear rocking for me all the time … 😉 She received a standing ovation from all of us …. It is a just a superb performance beyond words. I would not hesitate to see the same play again, just for the sake of her acting. Long live Arundathi… I would love to see her on screen, on stage … wherever … forever!! 😉

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  1. Nice write-up Sowmya. I feel a bit unfortunate after reading this, for my home is very near to the venue of the play and still I couldn’t attend it! Bad luck! And with your description, I have some satisfaction of seeing the play. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sowmya,

    Sorry for posting an unrelated comment here. Saw your comment on my Telugu blog just now.

    Yes, I am from Nellore (Pogathota) – A Puduru Dravidian. Nice meeting you.

  3. Bhikare sounds like it has something to do with bhikari(beggar).

    I think you meant ‘Bikhare’?

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