Dollar Dreams

Dollar Dreams – i saw this movie in 2001 if i remember well. I liked it for its simplicity at that time and nothing else. One thing which i liked a lot at that time was the fact that – there are no “typical-movie-like-songs” in the movie. Other than these, i don’t remember any significant factors that made me like the movie. But, as I was watching it today morning, I realised that the movie has much more than what I understood 5 years back. This is one movie, which I felt was closest to my kinda life than most of the movies I have seen. All characters came alive before me. I believe that is one of the characteristics of a good narration. The language is again something which I could identify with, easily. It is this typical Hyderabadi language… a mix of English, Telugu and Hindi. All the characters spoke in the language which I listen to everyday, instead of the bookish words and heavy dialogues.

Well, the story is primarily centered around a group of friends and their dreams. Their thoughts on career, home, living in US etc form the central theme. Personally, i felt the movie is real to the core. The conversation between Ravi and Balu towards the end of the movie is something that is worth listening to. The way Ravi’s father recollects all the past memories, of Ravi’s childhood, just after Ravi leaves for US was indeed touchingly shown. I became very engrossed in the movie and empathised with the father during that moment. The kid in their home, Ravi’s nephew, is one character whom I liked a lot. Comic incidents apart, the way children are tuned towards career at such an age is well potrayed through his character. There was good satire in some conversations at the party in the beginning of the movie. Several factors are discussed freely in the movie, without making the viewers feel bored, which is what i liked very much.

The relationship between Phani and his wife and the rest of the family, was a joy to watch. Good pair 🙂 . The movie has its own amount of comedy, most natural comedy, the way we see in our daily life. It has those serious dialogs, which we encounter everyday. All in all, it has our life in it. Rather, my kinda life – a typical urban middle class life. Dialogues are an asset to the movie, though conservationists might say that this is a “khuni” of sweet telugu 🙂 Oflate, I have been in to this “Hyderabadi” feeling a lot, and probably that might be one more reasons why I liked the movie. No dances and no songs except the ones running in the background. This is one more positive point in the movie. Take my word, this movie is a joy to watch. I have certainly liked it a lot compared to my first in 2001. Probably, because i know nothing about lot of things then and I saw considerable “life” in these 5 years…. 🙂 Shekar Kammula rox. 🙂 BTW… I dont remember seeing the last scene before…. Shekar acted in a brief role in the movie!

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  1. I did not dollor dreams but I can vouch for the fact that shekar kammula rocks..because I have seen Godavari (simply superb except for the songs)

  2. hello sowmya!!!!!!!!
    its a very pleasant blog…..i really liked it
    actually i need a help from …….i wanna watch da dollar dreams but icldnt find it…..last time when i was in india also i cldnt find it.can u tell me where can i get it..or there is anyonline website where i can watch it
    newaz…..once again i really njoyed going thru ur blog
    nice meeting u like dis

  3. was searching for info about dollar dreams and found your blog. I can identify with film and like the way you put it here.
    Nice blog.

  4. Saw this movie recently.
    Was curious after watching Happy Days.
    I think this movie is so much better than Kammula’s తదుపఱి movies.
    Makes so much more sense after visiting the US and much more after returning from the US! Sentences like “Udar ka bathroom bhi idar ka bedroom se accha hai” etc.

    Though the Hyderabadi lingo was too much for my linguistic prudishness. One had to know like five languages to understand the movie! But its all a part of the package.

  5. సౌమ్యా…మంచి సమీక్ష! మరి ఈ చిత్రానికి ప్రేరణ ఏంటో శేఖర్ గారి మాటల్లోనే వినండి…”My sister is a gynecologist. She told me a strange incident that happened in her hospital. A lady was requesting my sister to do a 4th month abortion to her because she would be going to USA a year later and she want her kid to be citizen of USA by giving birth to him/her in USA. I felt that it was heights of insanity. That incident really inspired me.”-శేఖర్ కమ్ముల. ప్రపంచంలో ఇలాంటి అమాయక,కౄరమైన,వివేకం లేని తల్లులూ ఉన్నారా అని విస్తుపోయాను.

  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. Hi friend,

    u can watch Dollardreams online at under telugumovies.

    hope u enjoy it.

  8. Anu

  9. I love this movie …as most of my life is very similar/matching to one of the characters in the movie . And I saw the expressions of all characters in movie deeply and felt that those are which generally we feel same situations in our life. like father and mother expression while traveling to abroad and other friends acts in airport etc etc …It came to to sekhar mind straight from the peoples life around him.Kudos Sekhar

  10. I love the way Sekhar used “The Girl” character in the movie, Its some how reminiscent to Roman Polanski’s “THE GIRL” character in Ninth Gate. A very good example of genuine inspiration.

  11. watching the movie brings back all old memories .. . . .. . . .. . . .

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