To waken an old lady

Just few minutes back, I was reading an article titled – ” kavitvam lO niSabdam” literally translated, it means: Silence in poetry. The author of the article (Ismail, a renowned Telugu poet) quoted this poem while explaining about the ways to bring in silence in to sound.

Old age is
a fleet of small
cheeping birds
bare trees
above a snow glaze
Gaining & Failing

they are buffeted
bye a dark wind-
but what ?
On harsh weedstalks
the snow is covered with broken
seed husks
And the wind tempered
by a shrill
piping of plenty

The poem is “To waken an old lady” by William Carlos Williams.

🙂 I dont know if i understood it or not. Drop in your responses about this poem here.
One of Ismail’s books can be accessed online here

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  1. understood the first 9 lines, can’t say the same about the rest.

    Is 9th line “by a dark wind” or is it really “bye a dark wind”. If its the latter , make the line count 8.

    curously enough, cheep is also the shrill sound made by newly hatched birds – is the poet trying to make that connection between “baalyam” and “vriddhaapyam”?

    i don’t know.

    equally confused.

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